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Hundreds of photos of women who represent one of the
sexiest profession worldwide!

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Military Woman
Military Woman

Katrina Hodge has two titles. By profession, she's Lance Cpl. Hodge of the British Army.
Off duty, the 22-year-old is Miss England. Her nickname: “Combat Barbie”... WANT MORE?

Welcome to Military Woman Dot Com!
88 countries, 13 117 photos, 2,95 GB of images.

Women in army, women in police, all we know how they're beautiful.
AvaxHome give you the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable show.

This is really interesting. Enjoy!
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540 royalty free pixel perfect icons for web design

Set of 540 crisp icons carefully crafted to fit both light and dark backgrounds.
Each icon comes in three creative versions (makes it possible to arrange endless number of subsets).
48px, 32px, 24px (PNG) + glyphs (PNG, EPS, PDF) + layered PSD.
Brought to you by Milkshark.

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Christ is risen!

“Христос Воскресе из мертвых,
смертию смерть поправ
и сущим во гробех живот даровах!”

AvaxHome Team
Congratulates all Christians on a holiday of Sacred Easter!
Christus resurrectus Est!
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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
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UPDATED! Added torrent link!

Catnapped! (Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt (Baniparu Uitto); Кошачий мир Банипал Витт; とつぜん!猫の国 バニパルウィット) DVD-5
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Catnapped! (Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt (Baniparu Uitto); Кошачий мир Банипал Витт; とつぜん!猫の国 バニパルウィット)
DVD-5 | NTSC (sic!) 720 x 540 (4:3) MPEG2 | Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0; 384 Kbps (Jap, Eng), 192 Kbps (Rus) | Video menu: En
Language: Japanese, English (Full Dubbing-in), Russian (1 Voice, А. Толстобров) | Subtitles: English | 1h:16min | 4,46 Gb | 1995 Year
IMDB: 7.3/10 | Genre: Animation, Family | Studio: Triangle Stuff (Japan) | Director: Takashi Nakamura (AKIRA, A Tree of Palme, Fantastic Children)

“Toriyasu is a lazy, ordinary 10-year-old boy, who wearily endures the outbursts of his boisterous younger sister, Meeko. When his dog Papadoll turns up missing, Meeko is sure the pet has been abducted by aliens. Her suspicions prove correct, as the children find themselves being not kidnapped but “escorted” by three talking cats to Banipal Witt, a feline world that exists in another dimension. Papadoll was brought there by the nasty Princess Buburina: exposure to its magical sun has turned the hapless pooch into a bizarre, destructive monster. (Banipal Witt's sun also turns Toriyasu and Meeko into kittens.) Saving the cat kingdom, Papadoll, and themselves pits the children and their allies against Buburina and her henchcats in a wild air battle.

Anime fans will be surprised to learn that this gentle, brightly colored fantasy was written and directed by Takashi Nakamura, the animation director of “Akira”, with a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka (“Serial Experiments Lain”). Art director Shinji Kumara makes Banipal Witt a dazzling fantasyland of brilliant colors, balloons, and cat-shaped buildings that combines elements of Yellow Submarine, Ub Iwerks's Pincushion Man, and an amusement park. Although the animation is limited, few big-budget American features can match Catnapped! for sheer visual imagination.”Charles Solomon, Amazon.com

Catnapped! (Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt (Baniparu Uitto); Кошачий мир Банипал Витт; とつぜん!猫の国 バニパルウィット) DVD-5
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Must See Places – Best Places to Travel!

Contest is over

ENGLISH from -=Pasha13=-: So there is, contest is finished and as I suspected Avax doesn't satisfied with the results, but it's OK, he's a bit perfectionist :-) He was waiting much more interest and activity from our visitors and now he thinks that contest is failed. Of course it's not hard to understand his feelings, just look at our comments example... they almost MISSING(!) in EVERY(!) post, but hundreds ungrateful people download content from these posts and even do not leave a single comment with "thanks" or something similar! Yep, unfortunately our visitors degrade day-by-day :-( and all this happens not only at AvaxHome... it's sad world tendency, f*cking consumer society! But anyway, in my opinion, contest isn't failed, we have received more than three hundred photos of very interesting, unseen places, and as was promised, we made our choice!

RUSSIAN from Avax: Конкурс завершён; что показали его итоги? Всё прошло не так. Мы не сумели связно объяснить его задачи. Нас (зачастую) не смогли услышать и понять те, кто захотел в нём участвовать. Наконец – большинству было просто наплевать, что мы тут устраиваем.
Хотите знать моё мнение? Конкурс провалился.
Однако, несколько энтузиастов прислали нам свои (очень славные!) фотографии. И – вот наш выбор!
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Must See Places – Best Places to Travel!

Contest Unvisited places by tourists in your country is over!
Winners will be announced April 28.

* * *

Конкурс Unvisited places by tourists in your country завершён!
Победители будут объявлены 28 апреля.
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ENGLISH: Beloved Visitors! We upgraded AH-engine. Plus: we FULLY mend uploading of pictures (PIXHOSTS.WS). Please test it, and write your comments! Always yours – AH Team.

RUSSIAN: Здравствуйте! Выкатили обновлённый движок AH (в частности, ПОЛНОСТЬЮ извели проблему заливки картинок – ну многие помнят); нижайше просим тестить и, буде заметите непотребства – сообщать о них в комментариях. Всегда ваши – AH Team.
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ENGLISH: Beloved Visitors! Unfortunately, AvaxHome in recent days strongly “retards.” Our DNS records at the PIXHOSTS.WS was broke and lost. Unfortunately, experts could not yet solve the problem – although they try hard. It need some time to wait for DNS update. We apologize for the inconvenience!

RUSSIAN: Ну вы уже наверное догадались, что картиночный pixhost работает теперь не на одном, а на целых двух серверах – неплохо получилось, да? Там короче возникла какая-то очередная неведомая хрень и всё умерло. То есть – вообще. Потому что записи в DNS отвалились. Конечно – они ж специалисты! Написали им письмо: мол ... что ж вы ... так неаккуратно?! В смысле – прошу! Ну те взяли молоток, пошли стучать по трубе – вот ждём. Надстройку им в базис короче, переходящее знамя в майский труд и чтоб они жили так же, как нам реорганизовать Рабкрин! Говоря коротко: мы просим прощения за доставленные неудобства! Через некоторое время всё должно починиться (тьфу-тьфу-тьфу).
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Christ is risen!

“Христос Воскресе из мертвых,
смертию смерть поправ
и сущим во гробех живот даровах!”

AvaxHome Team
Congratulates all Christians on a holiday of Sacred Easter!
Christus resurrectus Est!
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Unvisited places by tourists in your country

The second, and most important stage of "Unvisited places by tourists in your country" contest is taking place right now. Please click to see the details:

Participants from 27 countries are awaiting your decision. Thus, please be fair – if you decided to give someone your voice, do it if you really think that this picture deserves it and not because you live in the same city, or you sure that the creator of this picture is the best person ever.

We wish to remind you that the second stage of the contest will last until April 23, 2010. The next step will be summarizing the results, announce the winners and grant the rewards (winners of the contest will receive a gift certificates on Amazon.com as follows):

• FIRST prize – $500

• SECOND prize – $300

• THIRD prize – $200

Unique prize from SMSCoin company$300

Unique prize from TV TO GO company$200

We wish all contestants good luck, and you people – make the right choice!
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China, Korean and Japanese Various Artists - AvaxHome Edition CD 15 (Compiled by Avax)
click to enlarge

China, Korean and Japanese Various Artists: Volume 15
Compiled by Avax | Genres: Different | MP3, Various bitrates | 4h:56min | 643 Mb
Language: Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean
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UPDATED! Added DVD-Rip (itsartolie – big-thank you very much!)

Frankly speaking: never, and no film did not make me such a strong impression
(I left the theater and I was shaking – literally). But. First, it was in the early 90-ies.
Secondly, I was a young man with a Soviet mentality. And for this young man's movie was an absolute shock.
Therefore, it is difficult to say what you see in the film. However – I recommend.

Repentance (Monanieba, Pokayanie, Покаяние, მონანიება) DVD-9
click to enlarge

Repentance (Monanieba, Pokayanie, Покаяние, მონანიება)
DVD-9 | PAL 720 x 576 (4:3) MPEG2 | Audio: Dolby AC3, 6 Channels, 448 Kbps | 2h:24min | 8,01 Gb | Cover, Disc (400 dpi) | Video menu: Ru, En, Fr
Language: Russian, Georgian, French | Subtitles: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, Swedish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese
IMDB: 7.5/10 | Genre: Philosophical Drama, Art House | Studio: Qartuli Pilmi (USSR, Georgian SSR) | 1984 Year | Director: Tengiz Abuladze; Writers: Tengiz Abuladze, Nana Dzhanelidze
Cast: Avtandil Makharadze, Ya Ninidze, Zeinab Botsvadze, Ketevan Abuladze, Edisher Giorgobiani, Kakhi Kavsadze, Merab Ninidze, Nino Zaqariadze

“I First learned of this film as an accidental find at the local video rental shop in the foriegn film section. Now it's a top ten favorite film of mine for several reasons.
Stealthily made for Georgian/Russian television under Soviet era rule, it was “shelved” until 1986 when glasnost allowed it's release, just a couple of years prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union. Anyway, here it's shown in Fullscreen presentation as it was made, hence there is no such thing as a Widescreen version. Running time is complete (unedited) at about 154 minutes.

Repentance is a story within a story (three generations) which is also book-ended by a main charachter's brief musings leaving the viewer to wonder was this a momentary daydream or did all this actually happen? This does not give away the story or any suspense whatsoever.
Because of the multi-layered story, multiple charachters and involved plot most viewers including Georgian/Russian literates will be a bit lost on first viewing. So far I've watched it perhaps 9 or 10 times over the last decade and I'm still unraveling much of the story, charachters and dialogue. Now that I have it on DVD it will be viewed and disected over and over.

It's a complicated blend of social commentary, political nightmare, spiritual awareness, family disintegration, artistic/human freedom, surrealism, and even brief moments of (black)comedy.
The film's overall flow is like a dark drama and part Euro artfilm perhaps due to the surreal scenes and the unrushed filming/editing. This is not Hollywood product!
There's realy little or no “action” per se, and despite there being no blatant visual violence (or sex) I always leave this film as though I've lived through a mass of brutality and executions. Repentance carries some obvious political messages but it really asks the viewer to draw thier own conclusions and to think for thyself!

A fantastic, dark and thoughtful film that is as relevant and timeless as the viewer allows or chooses it to be.”Amazon.com

Repentance (Monanieba, Pokayanie, Покаяние, მონანიება) DVD-9
click to enlarge
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October (Oktyabr, Октябрь) DVD-9
click to enlarge

October (Oktyabr, Октябрь)
DVD-9 | PAL 720 x 576 (4:3) MPEG2 | Audio: Dolby AC3, 6 Channels, 448 Kbps | 1h:55min | 6,62 Gb | Video menu: Ru, En, Fr
IMDB: 7.8/10 | Language: Silent film | Subtitles: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese
Genre: History, Drama | Studio: Sowkino (USSR) | 1927 Year | Director: Sergei Eisenstein; Writers: Grigori Aleksandrov, John Reed (book)
Cast: Vladimir Popov, Vasili Nikandrov, Boris Livanov, Eduard Tisse, Vassily Worker

“Rating and reviewing movies like these are often difficult for the average critic. On one hand, they're done absolutely brilliantly done in ways that take one's breath away; on the other hand, how much credit can you give to a movie that is pure propaganda, especially propaganda for something the reviewer doesn't agree with?

This “realistic re-enactment” of the events of October 25th, 1917, is actually anything but realism. Instead, it is a harrowing and amazing Romantic experience. This is not to say it's bad – it's brilliant! The direction and editing on this film are much more refined than Eisenstein's previous and much-more-heralded film, Brenonsets Potyemkin (Battleship Potemkin), and it has a whole lot more symbolism and focus on literary devices. His fast-paced cutting is not as disjunctive as previously; instead, it works to shock the viewer with the juxtapositions. I don't think I shall ever get the quick back-and-forth cutting between that one soldier's face and the firing machine gun ever out of my mind. It's just that powerful.

This movie is so good, in fact, that it makes me proud to be a Bolshevik... and I'm not, not in any way or form! How's that for being a powerful, well-done movie? The Birth of a Nation didn't effectively make me proud to be a Klansman, for a comparison...

Because of its intense political alignment, I can't see everyone appreciating this film. There will always be those out there who say, “Ah, it's only Communist propaganda” (which is right) “so it's not even worth watching...” (which is wrong). For those who are looking for a magnificent cinematic experience, however, this movie is a fine choice indeed.”Amazon.com

October (Oktyabr, Октябрь) DVD-9
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