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Loopmasters Chris Octane Presents Drum and Bass Core MULTiFORMAT | 1.02 GB

'Chris Octane: Drum & Bass Core' features a great collection of explosive sounds and loops for modern DnB production. Loopmasters proudly join forces with Chris Octane for a battle-ready collection of Drum & Bass weapons for all Breakbeat producers looking to cause maximum carnage on the dancefloor.
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n-Track Studio EX 7.1.0 Build 3245 (x86/x64) with Skins | 75.6 MB

n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record, playback, overdub just like with a tape multitrack recorder, but you can exploit the flexibility and power of today's PCs for applying effects, realtime input processing, automated aux channels sends and returns, destructive and non-destructive wave editing. The program supports 24bit-192 khz recording, multiple channels soundcards, live input processing, mp3 encoding and much more.
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Smart Driver Updater 3.4 DC 24.04.2014 | 4 MB

Outdated drivers can cause a range of problems on your computer from hardware not operating the way it should to complete system crashes. Smart Driver Updater is a simple easy to use solution that automatically finds and updates all your device drivers in just minutes. Your operating system requires drivers to run every hardware device associated with your PC including printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, sound cards, video cards, network card, CD/DVD drivers and more.
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Bigasoft Total Video Converter Multilingual Portable | 16.5 MB

Bigasoft Total Video Converter helps you fast convert between various video files to enjoy your favorite movie or music video on portable device, mobile phone, mp4 player, personal computer, television, YouTube and so on with ease. The powerful video conversion tool supports video conversion between a wide range of video formats, including AVI, Xvid, DivX, H.264, MP4, 3GP, MKV, WMV, RM, FLV, MOV, etc.
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IconEdit2 6.6 + Portable | 5 Mb

IconEdit2 is a full-featured graphic manipulation instrument. Alpha channel, multi-resolution and multi color depth, anti-aliasing are supported seamlessly.
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R-Drive Image 5.3 Build 5302 Multilingual Portable | 67 MB

R-Drive Image is a potent utility providing disk image files creation for backup or duplication purposes. A disk image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created with various compression levels on the fly without stopping Windows OS and therefore without interrupting your business. These drive image files can then be stored in a variety of places, including various removable media such as CD-R(W)/DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks, etc.
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Business Card Maker 8.0 Portable | 38.4 MB

Business Card Maker solves all of your needs when it comes to business cards and badges. Over 150 professional templates can help you make a business card in 5 minutes, without having to hire a designer. Simply select a template you like, add your name and contact information and print it out on paper. If you are a creative type, the program can help you design your own business card from scratch.
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Hardware Inspector 6.0.2 | 35.7 MB

Hardware Inspector is an indispensable IT asset management tool. The software has an extensive list of features most helpful for network administrators, IT department managers and other specialists. Planning, inventory, audit, asset transfer, retirement, reports, histories do not cover all features available with Hardware Inspector. Highly customizable and user friendly, it tracks each asset from purchase to retirement and provides handy reports on all management aspects of hardware and software imaginable. Hardware Inspector is unique to track the history of each asset.
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AceBIT WISE-FTP 8.0.0 | 10.3 Mb

WISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client - an application that enables you to connect to any FTP server and download or upload files and directories. You can use WISE-FTP to transfer your files quickly and easily, without having in-depth knowledge about how FTP (File Transfer Protocol) works.
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AoaoPhoto Watermark Software | 8.16 MB

The top 1 watermark software, provide professional image protection solutions for your online photos. If you are sharing your photos on the internet, you are at the risk of losing them. Someone would take the photos for their own using, or malicious revised, you might never even know.
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WebSupergoo ImageGlue DotNET (x86/x64) | 37/47 MB

ImageGlue is a popular toolkit for dynamic image generation. With ImageGlue you can manipulate images in high quality and with incredible performance using simple C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET code. Use ImageGlue as an Active Server Page Extension to create and modify images on the fly from Windows based web servers. Use ImageGlue as a .NET component in your desktop applications. If you're looking for the best image component for the Microsoft's .NET Framework, use ImageGlue .NET!
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Spotmau Password Kit (ISO) | 172 MB

Instantly find or reset your Windows Administrator or user account passwords. - Get access to your computer now. No need to reinstall the system. Super user-friendly graphic interface, even kids can do it. One click to recover your email password, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, IE AutoComplete password and Even more - No need to struggle to remember so many passwords any more.
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DivX Plus 10.2 Build | 56 MB

DivX PlusĀ® Software lets you convert video between popular formats and enjoy an enhanced playback experience across all your devices, at home and on the go.
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FarStone DriveClone Server 10.02 Build 20140224 | 20.0 MB

DriveClone copies all contents from one original hard drive to a new hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) in a few simple clicks. You can use the new drive to boot your system and use your applications as if you were using your original hard drive. DriveClone is a perfect solution for transfer, movement, backup & recovery files and data from hard drives and solid state drives.
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iZotope Alloy 2 v2.03.496 (x86/x64) | 37 MB

Alloy 2 gives you futuristic tools, fast results and most importantly, fantastic sound. Bring character and life to every element of your mix with Alloy 2. Far more than just a traditional channel strip, Alloy 2 is a modern twist on classic mixing. The basics have been re-imagined with forward-thinking features and time-saving flexibility. Innovative sound sculpting tools are ripe with potential for delivering your distinctive sound. And best of all, Alloy 2 allows you to focus on mixing without distraction, neatly packaging the mixing essentials in a self-contained and completely configurable plug-in that puts everything you need at your fingertips.