Shoot Sexy: Pinup Photography in the Digital Age

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Ryan Armbrust, "Shoot Sexy: Pinup Photography in the Digital Age"
English | ISBN: 1908150335 | 2012 | PDF | 192 pages | 97 MB

The pin-up look made famous on WWII bombers and in the 50s has become a timeless classic which is now undergoing a revival through digital photography. Alongside the rapid growth of the boudoir genre also covered in this book the retro pin-up look is an increasingly popular request from clients, and this book will show you all you need to know to achieve it, whether youre shooting professionally, or just for fun. The book add is a complete guide to planning and shooting both pinup and boudoir photography, whether from a studio or on location, including crucial advice on sourcing and using props to get the perfect retro look, or getting the most out of the lens and lighting to capture something more modern. There is an inspirational gallery chapter, featuring work of top pros in the field so the reader can try as many different styles as they like, as well as a chapter featuring Photoshop techniques for perfecting the look of their shots.

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