Paul Mckenna - Complete Hypnosis (AUDIO COLLECTION)

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Paul Mckenna - Complete Hypnosis (AUDIO COLLECTION)
Harmony | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 778 Mb

The hypnotic recordings Paul McKenna offers are different from most hypnosis tapes in their approach and I think this is why they are so powerful. Paul McKenna is a great believer in changing the way we feel about life rather than just changing the way we think about it.
After many years of research and the use of personal development products I agree with this key Paul McKenna belief! It is the power of our emotions which gives fuel to our thoughts and thus makes the mould for our personality and beliefs.
The tapes & cds offered by Paul McKenna use very pleasant music and relaxing sound effects, which in addition to the use of clinical hypnotic induction techniques create a profoundly deep trance. Paul McKenna guides you throughout the recording, which involves both the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind. His post hypnotic suggestions are truly excellent.
Paul McKenna has hypnotic recordings on a wide range of subjects which all rely very heavily on changing your own self image. By carrying out a few simple, yet very enjoyable, mental exercises prior to hypnosis you set your mind to the task at hand. Paul McKenna instructs you to visualise the person you want to be and see yourself in the situation you want to be in. He then asks you questions - like how would that person feel and behave - then he has you step into the imagined you. This is a very powerful technique for change as your subconscious (or unconscious as Paul McKenna calls it) does not know the difference between reality and imagination.
01-Instruction-Paul McKenna.mp3
02-Mind Programming Technique-Paul McKenna.mp3
03-Subliminal-Paul McKenna Weight Loss System.mp3
04-The Secrets of Naturally Thin People-Paul McKenna Weight Loss System.mp3
05-Craving Buster-Paul McKenna.mp3
06-Subliminal-Paul McKenna.mp3
07-Exercise Made Easy-Paul McKenna Weight Loss System.mp3
08-Subliminal-Paul McKenna Weight Loss System.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 01A The Power of hypnosis.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 01B The Power of hypnosis.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 02A Owners manual for your brain.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 02B Owners manual for your brain.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 03A Self Image,Blue Print for Success.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 03B Self Image,Blue Print for Success.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 04A Goal Setting-Directing Your Destiny.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 04B Goal Setting.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 05A Powerful beliefs of geniuses.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 05B Powerful Beliefs of Genius.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 06A The power of a positive persepctive.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 06B The power of a positive perspective.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 07A Attracting Wealth.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 07B Attracting Wealth.Mp3
Mckenna - SFL 08A Radiant Health.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 08B Radiant Health.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 09A Hypnotic Happiness.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 09B Hypnotic Happiness.mp3
Mckenna - SFL 10A&B Overnight Success Programming.mp3

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