Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings

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Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings By Bungale Taranath
1988 | 754 Pages | ISBN: 0070628785 | PDF | 26 MB

[Dr. Taranath’s] intentional reliance on intuitive concepts rather than a rigorous analytical approach helps to facilitate an understanding of the many complex ideas involved in tall building design. ... I’m sure the reader will agree that getting back to basics using intuition and conceptualization is the best way to present this subject matter; and Dr. Taranath has done an outstanding job of accomplishing that goal in this comprehensive tall building design guide. He has a perspicuous writing style with a flair for lucidity rather than obscurity, and on occasion even highlights it with some engineering humor. ... I am confident that all kinds of engineers, from students to young graduates, from seasoned practitioners to academics, will appreciate Dr. Taranath’s conceptual approach to the subject with no need for rigor. The rigor comes later, after the conceptual ideas have coalesced.

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