Political Leaders of the NSDAP: Uniforms and Organization

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L. Milner - Political Leaders of the NSDAP: Uniforms and Organization
Almark Publishing | 1972 | ISBN: 0855240725, 0855240733 | English | 72 pages | PDF | 39 MB

This is nothing less than a partial translation (1943 version) of the (NSDAP's organizational bible, the "Organizationsbuch der NSDAP", which was written by Reichs Organization Leader Robert Ley, one of the top men in the Nazi hierarchy and perhaps the only one who actually understood how the convoluted Third Reich was supposed to operate in theory.
The Organizationsbuch was a complete mapping-out of the Nazi Party and all of its "subordinate and affiliated agencies" -- the SA, SS, NSKK, NSFK, Hitler Youth, etc., etc. It not only broke them down structurally, it explained everything about them, from their mission statements to the proper wear of their equipment, medals and uniforms, standards, badges, armbands, pistol holsters, backpacks, rank systems, etc., etc. In addition to much text was replete with color plates showing paintings of the myriad uniform variants for these orgs as well as photos of various bigwigs in different type of rig. POLITICAL LEADERS OF THE NSDAP reproduces in English the section of the Organizationsbuch that dealt with the Nazi Party itself. Its 72 pages include: : The Political Leader (his role); Types of Political Leaders (ranks and appointments); Uniforms, Badges of Rank and Insignia of Office; Party Colors (standards); Decorations of the NSDAP; The Political Leader and the State; The Gaue (districts) of the NSDAP.
There are numerous BW photos and a fairly large number of color plates depicting everything from belt-buckles and caps to the flags they flew on their Mercedes staff cars. The text is, unlike most official German publications of the era, agreeably terse and to the point as it breaks down the organization of the Nazi Party -- its leadership corps, its districts and sub-districts, its function and mission.

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