Michael Horowitz - Unaccompanied Django: A Collection of Django Reinhardt's Compositions for Solo Guitar

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Michael Horowitz Unaccompanied Django

Michael Horowitz - Unaccompanied Django: A Collection of Django Reinhardt's Compositions for Solo Guitar
DjangoBooks | English | 2003 | no ISBN | 163 pages | PDF & MP3 | 121 MB

Unaccompanied Django contains a series of solo guitar transcriptions that can benefit guitarists at any skill level.

This book can assist guitarists from a variety of stylistic backgrounds. Jazz guitarists who play in more contemporary styles will find the Gypsy approach to harmony an inventive and refreshing alternative to conventional jazz chord voicings. Fingerstyle guitarists will be pleased to find transcriptions for three of Django's fingerstyle guitar pieces (Naguine, Improvisation #2, and Tears). Approximately half of Django's unaccompanied guitar compositions were written in a Classical or Flamenco style and would therefore be excellent additions to the repertoire of guitarists playing in those genres. Django's unaccompanied guitar pieces sound great played fingerstyle despite the fact that most of them were originally played with a plectrum.

Song list:

Django Reinhardt
* Improvisation #1 (Most Difficult)
* Improvisation #2 (Intermediate)
* Improvisation #3 - Part I (Advanced)
* Improvisation #3 - Part II (Advanced)
* Improvisation #5 (Advanced)
* Improvisation #6 (Intermediate)
* Echoes of Spain (Intermediate)
* J'Attendrai (Intermediate)
* Naguine (Intermediate)
* Theme 1 - Nuages Intro (Intermediate)
* Nuages (Beginner)
* Theme 2 - Nuages Outro (Intermediate)
* Parfum (Intermediate)
* Tears (Intermediate)
* Two Improvised Guitar Choruses - Part I (Advanced)
* Two Improvised Guitar Choruses - Part II (Advanced)
Stochelo Rosenberg
* Just Relax (Most difficult) [mp3's not included]
* Stephanesque (Most difficult) [mp3's not included]
Gypsy Etudes
* Gypsy Etude #1 (Beginner)
* Gypsy Etude #2 (Beginner
* Gypsy Etude #3 (Intermediate)



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Posted By: Xenoplay Date: 29 Aug 2010 08:05:49
Many thanks, amusic! I've been searching for this one everywhere. Links to this author's books don't last long, so anyone else who wants this one should get it quickly.

Posted By: patjazzz Date: 03 Oct 2010 18:37:12
Thank you very much.... Just page 113 (end of Parfum !) is missing.... if you could add it, i will be very HAPPY ! ;-)))
Posted By: avaxmind Date: 25 Oct 2010 20:42:41
many thanks
Posted By: Neurastenia Date: 17 Dec 2013 17:32:00
Hey, sorry. I'm having a problem downloading from "yourfilezone.com" it doesn't redirects me to fileserve. Any ideas, please?