Truefire - Jennifer Batten's Rock Sauce for Rhythm Guitar (2013)

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Truefire - Jennifer Batten's Rock Sauce for Rhythm Guitar (2013)
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, data-dvd (includes tabs, GuitarPro tabs and jamtracks),864x486(16:9), 1105 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 1,19 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 02h 30min

Jennifer is extraordinarily diverse, creative and talented. She played rhythm and lead guitar on Michael Jackson's Bad, Dangerous and History world tours. She played lead and rhythm guitar for three years in Jeff Beck's band. She performed and recorded with dozens of other top artists and has released three of her own albums to critical acclaim. She is an amazing multi-media artist pioneering a new school of musical performance. Jennifer is also the consummate educator and the proof is in the pudding right here in Rock Sauce: Rhythm Guitar.

Jennifer's highly enlightening interactive curriculum for rock rhythm guitar is organized into two sections. In the first section, she steps you through 21 essential concepts and techniques: Chord Scales, Interval Shapes, Understanding Your Role, Dynamics, Strumming, Single Line Comping, Power Chords, Fingerpicking Patterns, Pick and Fingers Combined, Funk Skanking, Chordal Capo Technique, Chords: Natural Harmonics, Harmonics & Notes, Tapping Harmonics, Permutating History, Hand Separation, Partial Chords, Gaining Stage Experience, Personality Nuance, Groove and Adding Effects.

In the second section, you will work through 14 rhythm guitar studies that Jennifer prepared, which apply all of the concepts and techniques presented in the first section: 4th Chords, Permutations, Fingerpicking with Moving Bass, Arpeggiated Chords, Power Chords and Riffs, Upbeat Chips, Reggae Style Upbeat Chips, Question & Answer, Percussive Tapping, Pick & Fingers, Building a Section, Natural Harmonics Groove, Whammy Bar and Combining Techniques.

Each of the rhythm studies are presented with their own jam tracks. Jennifer first performs the rhythm part and then breaks the part down section-by-section, technique-by-technique. You will then work with the jam tracks to learn the part as written and performed (it's all tabbed and notated) and then apply the concepts and techniques to craft your own rhythm parts.

Jennifer's Rock Sauce: Rhythm Guitar goes way beyond revealing the underlying infrastructure of her own signature style -- she unlocks the code for contemporary rock rhythm guitar itself with a framework of concepts and techniques that you will draw on and create with as you craft your own signature style.

Grab your guitar, hit the shed and pour the sauce on!


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Posted By: psycholoko Date: 06 Nov 2013 08:00:30
RAR Files are corrupted. So don't download. I'll fix the links and let you know as soon as I can. Sorry about that.
Posted By: FaUs Date: 06 Nov 2013 16:27:00
Muchas gracias psycholoko, atentos a tu aportación.
Posted By: walterh Date: 06 Nov 2013 19:55:28
Thanks psycholoko!!!
Posted By: John456 Date: 06 Nov 2013 20:25:06
thanks. looking forward to this one. please hurry up with restauration.
Posted By: Big Idea Date: 06 Nov 2013 21:08:45
Aye Psycholoko, man, don't know how you managed to pick up this Rock Sauce course so quickly - it only just came out! I've been trying to collect/complete all the videos listed in TrueFire's "Jazz Guitar Learning Path" curriculum which represents a comprehensive and well thought out selection of a total of 32 videos from TrueFire's library - all mapped-out and in order of study as they pertain to learning Jazz guitar. Because of your TrueFire uploads, I've already been able to fill several of these empty spots. So obviously I'm very much appreciative for all your TrueFire efforts, man - please keep going. [ http://truefire.com/learning-paths/path.html?p=jazz ]
Posted By: zogiva Date: 06 Nov 2013 22:14:15
Thank you so much,Psycholoko! Awesome post!
Posted By: jajanxaeni Date: 07 Nov 2013 01:25:37
thanks for di upload psycholoko>>>
but...can you reupload the files please?
the linksa are broken....
Posted By: locomotive. Date: 07 Nov 2013 04:29:23
Wohhh.....tis was jus out.....

psycholoco, jus a request . any chance of keepin one of da host tat has resumable download ( junocloud, billionuploads, gulpup, mega etc )

it is very difficult 4 us people livin in 3rd world countries to download from uploaded,rapigator etc...our connection will go off 4 few seconds and da download will break.... i usually wait 4 others to upload ur stuff on other sites or torrent....but all use dis fuckin uploaded, rapidgator,dizzicloud....

its kkk if u cant....

big thanks 4 ur all ur efforts man....respect

Posted By: capitano69 Date: 07 Nov 2013 06:10:45
Link offline
Posted By: psycholoko Date: 07 Nov 2013 08:25:39
Like I said the rar files were corrupted so I deleted the files. I've reuploaded the archives and now the licks are working so you can start downloading and enjoy!

@Big Idea

Let's see what I can do
Posted By: jingjang Date: 07 Nov 2013 10:00:49
thanks so much psycholoko!!!!!!!
Posted By: MandM7 Date: 07 Nov 2013 11:53:04
Thanks heaps!!!!!
Posted By: MrTorrentino Date: 07 Nov 2013 12:09:57
Saw Jen on the Jeff Beck tour...the girl can play! Looking forward to learning from her. Great upload, massive thanks for your time and effort in bringing this one to us Psycholoko!!

@Big Idea

Hadn't seen Truefire's Jazz Guitar Learning Path, thanks for the link. Trust me though, you do not need all of those courses to learn to play Jazz. It would take far too long and you'd probably just end up rather confused! It's great to see and hear different instructors varying approaches to playing and varying styles of playing but you don't need to see all of them in order to be able to play. My advice; If you got some playing under your belt and are looking to expand into Jazz, the Mimi Fox courses are excellent. You don't need the Performance course and if you don't have the cash to buy the others they are all shared on here and elsewhere. As are all of the other courses that you might want just to add other dimensions; some Fareed Haque courses and some Licks courses. That's everything you need. Work though all of those diligently and methodically and boom, you'll be a jazz burner!

Posted By: MrTorrentino Date: 07 Nov 2013 12:20:00
@ Locomotive

I don't live in a 3rd world country but I still feel your pain! I get constant dropped connections from Uploaded and Rapidgator and when they are running they're incredibly slow. People downloading from different locations have all said the same thing. I think it's their servers dropping the connection, maybe it doesn't do it on premium but sadly I'm not in a position to be able to afford to find out!

Mega seems like a great host; resumable and multiple downloads, great speed. I know other uploaders have had issues with Gulpup and Billionuploads so they may not be the way to go but Mega seems good...so far!

Good luck to ya.

Posted By: BC171 Date: 07 Nov 2013 12:46:44
I live in Sao Paulo - Brazil, have not had problems with other servers or Uploaded.
Posted By: MrTorrentino Date: 07 Nov 2013 13:54:52
@ BC171

Well, I've heard great things about Sao Paulo and now uninterrupted downloads too...I think I need to move out there!
Posted By: MrTorrentino Date: 07 Nov 2013 14:06:36
@ Big Idea

Had a good look through all of the courses on the TF list just to be sure I wasn't short changing you!

I stand by what I said, you've got everything you need already shared on here. Once you've worked through it all the only courses not shared that I think will add other seriously useful dimensions are;

Frank Vignola - 50 Jazz Licks
Kenny Wessel - Shades of Jazz
Larry Carlton - 335 Improv

And who knows, maybe they'll appear courtesy of Psycholoko sometime!

Posted By: JoseChiky Date: 07 Nov 2013 14:16:51
Thank so much,Psycholoko!

@ MrTorrention,I´d add to that list of titles those ones from Robben Ford & Howard Morgen´s Fingerboard Breakthrough!
Posted By: lalu Date: 07 Nov 2013 14:28:43
Thanks this looks gr8.

Posted By: Georgy1 Date: 07 Nov 2013 16:21:06
Thanks a lot psycholoko
Posted By: Zahedig Date: 07 Nov 2013 22:13:11
@ JoseChiky, TrueFire - Robben Ford
several days ago that this online, just looking more carefully and you will find
Posted By: Big Idea Date: 07 Nov 2013 23:12:16

Your words here are appreciated man, albeit a bit presumptuous. I've been playing Jazz for more years then I care to count. My thoughts are that you mean well, but I think we have different approaches to these TrueFire courses - and guitar learning in general. I collect as much Jazz data as I can get my hands on - that includes books, CD's, video courses, concerts, software, musician's thoughts/words/ideas, etc. I have a 'lifetime' library of study material that I can always turn to when the notion hits me. There is ALWAYS something new to learn. Where video courses are concerned, most times I skip through half (or more) of the intended material, either because it doesn't interest me, or because I've previously assimilated it. That said, I have yet to find even a beginners video course where I haven't been able to glean 'something' from it.


Thanks much for your words of intention. And please do not be dissuaded. ANY addition(s) to completing my current project of collecting Truefire's Jazz Guitar Learning Path curriculum will indeed be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but no doubt by many others as well - I'm quite sure. Thanks again for look'n out, man.
Posted By: JoseChiky Date: 07 Nov 2013 23:30:09
@Zahedig, where could I find Robben´s one?
Posted By: yalan Date: 08 Nov 2013 06:53:08
Thank you very much!
Posted By: MrTorrentino Date: 08 Nov 2013 11:05:27
@Big Idea

I was looking to offer a few words of advice and save a fellow learner some time, money and pain, but you're absolutely right, I did presume. So thanks for handling it like a class act! I doff my cap to you sir. It was interesting reading your take on absorbing everything you can on the subject, taking what you can, even tiny fragments, from wherever you can. Just goes to show what a broad, diverse range of players and people are consuming this material! You know Truefire have done a call out for potential instructors to submit instructional videos, they'll select a winner and produce a course with them...maybe you should go for it! Out of curiosity, what do you consider to be the best jazz instructional material you've seen?

It's really interesting how everybody has their own approach, whatever stage they're at. Robbie Calvo talks about his journey and his approach here; youtube.com/watch?v=6fsT7Tl72Ck


Completely agree, Howard Morgen is a great instructor, very laid back, and it's an excellent course. I only left it off the list because if someone's needing to learn from what's already shared, if they study the material properly they will glean most of the information Howard covers. As for Robben, his courses aren't on the Jazz Learning Path list but the guy is a master so for me, they're essential viewing! Neither Robben or Tommy Emmanuel allow their material to be streamed in Truefire TV though so it makes it a whole lot less likely you'll see them shared. Good move on their part maybe!

BUT...STOP PRESS...ROBBEN'S COURSE IS OUT THERE!! Can anyone find it?? I'm having no luck tracking it down!

Posted By: wanttolearn Date: 08 Nov 2013 14:41:53
Thanks a lot for those! I extracted with 7-zip. It works maybe winrar doesn't.
Posted By: musicrollercoaster Date: 09 Nov 2013 20:09:03
thanks once more man!