Real Social Dynamics - Transformations

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Real Social Dynamics - Transformations
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Genre: Psychology and Behavior, Relationships

Five of RSDs main instructors explain the main breakthroughs and principles that each of them attributes to their "transformation" (hence the title) and achievement of 'dating mastery'. Each includes his own personal story and a range of anecdotes of past failures, and successful pick-ups and dating experiences along the way. This product does not teach a lot of techniques, although some are mentioned and illustrated. As such it is more useful to enhance your mindset, help identify your sticking points to dating mastery, and provide motivation to develop. Maybe the most interesting aspect of this product is that each instructors reveals in details how much effort and time he has invested to "get good" - this helps viewers to understand that there is no "magic pill" and that it is a journey, but the journey itself can be fun, as illustrated by all the wicked stories. You should already have an understanding of basic pick-up/ dating techniques to understand a lot of what is being said. As the instructors narrate their own personal stories, in particular talking about the barriers they have had to overcome, it provides inspiration and tips on getting over your own 'barriers' to dating mastery. Ozzie's presentation is probably the most easy to implement, as he explains in details how to "run the train", ie make a move and close the deal with a woman.

The good:
This is a useful product to inspire and guide newbies to a realistic path to dating mastery, or for more intermediate and advanced students to identify and get over their 'sticking points'. The best content in the program comes from Ozzie, Jeffy and Timothy Marc. If you are interested in any of these instructors in particular it is a great product to learn more about them.

The bad:
Some of the speakers are not as effective and offer less value than others. Tyler Durden is surprisingly light in the mix, perhaps in order to give more limelight to his fellow instructors (so if you are most interested in TD other products will be more appropriate). Hoobie has a bit of a weak presentation also, with little to nothing innovative included.

The bottom line:
Whilst this product provides little innovative content, it is overall a good product and would be particularly useful for beginners as it gives a view into the developmental path to dating mastery.


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Thanks a mucho.
But part 24 link is broken.