Greg Curran - Homework Helpers: Chemistry

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Greg Curran - Homework Helpers: Chemistry
Career Press | 2004 | ISBN: 1564147215 | Pages: 352 | PDF | 5.09 MB

Do you fear mole conversions and Avogadro's number? Are oxidation-reduction reactions just too much to handle? Are the Ideal Gas Laws getting you down? When your teacher tries to teach you how to name organic compounds, is he or she speaking a language you never learned? Homework Helpers: Chemistry is a user-friendly review book that will make every student-or parent trying to help their child-feel like he or she has a private Chemistry tutor. Concepts are explained in clear, easy-to-understand language, and problems are worked out with step-by-step methods that are easy to follow. Each lesson comes with numerous review questions and answer keynotes that explain each correct answer and why it's correct. The Homework Helpers Series is just what students need to boost their confidence and give them the help they need to ace even the most challenging classes.

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Great book!
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