Fundamental of Research Methodology and Statistics

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Yogesh Kumar Singh, "Fundamental of Research Methodology and Statistics"
New Age International | 2006 | ISBN: 8122418864 | 323 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

The education system of India has covered a long distance from gurukul system to British Empire.
During this period it has faced so many social problems and it has tried to save their own traditions and
social system for the new generation as we are feeling now and observing their qualities to develop our
country, as we want. But we should not forget that present tradition system of education has their own
qualities due to these qualities and principles it has covered a long distance of his development, now it
is a part of the history. Here is a question that if we have our own history of education and research
than why we are carrying the British education system and research since independence? It is a very
mere question and we have to facing a lot of problems almost in every walk of life to find its answer.
An Indian citizen can simply answer that the field of education and research has also been pol1uted
with those significant problems, which are carrying by the Indian Education System and research
since 1947.
India has got the British system of Education having its own structure and functions in heritage
and a concerted effort has been made since, then to utilize that heritage in order to achieve comparable
results by democratic means; though we pledged in 1950 on the 26th day of January. We, the people of
India having solemnly resolved to constitute into a sovereign democratic republic and to secure to all
citizens; justice-social, economic and political liberty of thoughts, of status and opportunity and to
promote among them all, fraternity assuring dignity of the individual and the unity of Nation; in our
constituent assembly do hereby adopt, exact and give to ourselves this constitution.
Could we fulfill this pledge to this date? The answer is very big no. Neither we could maintain our
democratic ideals nor could we achieve justice, fraternity and liberty. Even we failed to unite our
nation–mentally, and physically, both. After analyzing the various factors we come to the conclusion
that it is all due to our faulty system of education and their wrong objectives directed by the our old
educationist. To help our county and society and also to achieve the desired goal of life, we should
understand and to create awareness about the research of our social system.
The goal of life is to get good and effective research based education for which we have need
good and effective education system. The present volume is a humble effort to present the research
problems of social sciences through their past history, as author has perceived.
Almost every social research aspect of social sciences and their problems are covered in this
book. The problems can be solved only if there are a large number of idealistic education and research
workers devoted to the cause. The author will be highly thankful if you will send your valuable suggestion
to up-grade the chapters of this book.
Y.K. Singh

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