Thus Spoke Zarathustra by : Friedrich Nietzsche (!UNABRIDGED!)

Posted By : alexov85 | Date : 27 Aug 2009 10:55:19 | Comments : 18 |

Thus Spoke Zarathustra by : Friedrich Nietzsche (!UNABRIDGED!)
Audiobook (UNABRIDGED)| ISBN-10: 0679601759 | 2008 | English | MP3 (96 kb/s) | 443 Mb

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a 19th century literary masterpiece and key philosophical work by Nietzsche. Zarathustra descends from his cave in the mountains after ten years of solitude, brimming with wisdom and love and wants to teach humanity.
The individual lessons and sermons delivered by Zarathustra cover most of the general themes of Nietzsche’s mature philosophy, though often in highly symbolic and obscure form.

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Posted By: Sheriar Date: 27 Aug 2009 12:14:04
RS links pls
Posted By: Sheriar Date: 27 Aug 2009 12:16:31
RS links please
Posted By: airmale Date: 27 Aug 2009 12:28:48
Rapidshare links would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Logicomix Date: 27 Aug 2009 22:31:26

I believe there is something wrong with the 4th FileFactory link. Could you please check it out?

Thank you.
Posted By: Logicomix Date: 28 Aug 2009 07:11:09
One-Click [357MB] free link on FILEBOX.
Password to download is my AvaxHome username.
No password for the RAR.


Thank you alexov85.
Posted By: pagal Date: 28 Aug 2009 20:34:10
RS link please
Posted By: sisyphus Date: 28 Aug 2009 20:57:23
Thanks to poster and thank you Logicomix for FILEBOX link, worked great. No problems extracting. Great post, good book.
Posted By: pagal Date: 29 Aug 2009 15:03:49
can't d/l using downloading manager from FileBox.

Rapidshare link please
Posted By: Sheriar Date: 30 Aug 2009 18:55:38
Now why can't anyone provide with RS links in spite of so any requests, i wonder?
Posted By: pagal Date: 31 Aug 2009 01:04:39
^ because they don't want us to listen to this AB. :P
Posted By: Logicomix Date: 31 Aug 2009 23:20:36

As of today, 31 people have downloaded from filebox without any complaints.
Why do you need to use a DL manager? Bad connection? What does AB mean?


You are welcome!
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The pass is always my AvaxHome username.


Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche - RapidShare Links [2xRS + 1xFileBox]

Part 1 [170MB] http://rapidshare.com/files/274338490/Zarathustra.zip.001

Part 2 [170MB] http://rapidshare.com/files/274355583/Zarathustra.zip.002

Part 3 [17MB] http://www.filebox.com/3ip3uhzaspt3

--> Use 7zip to extract <--

If there is a pass needed at any time, use my AvaxHome user name.

Let me know if you experience any problems with the pass or the files.

Posted By: pagal Date: 02 Sep 2009 13:32:33

well not really a bad connection but it sometimes disconnects and then we have this electricity problem here too.

AB = AudioBook.

Are these 2 rapidshare links of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"? because they are about 360MB where as the file uploaded here is 443MB
Posted By: Logicomix Date: 02 Sep 2009 18:56:00

Yes, these are the RS links of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". I didnt put so much effort into this to scam/spam you with crap.
Size is smaller because I used the best compression possible on 7zip.
Download them and let me know if you experience any problem(s).
Good luck with your connection/electricity issues.

Posted By: pagal Date: 04 Sep 2009 08:29:59
^ thanks for your help :)
Posted By: pagal Date: 04 Sep 2009 16:29:41

the file is not opening either from winrar or 7zip. Both are giving error :S
Posted By: Logicomix Date: 04 Sep 2009 21:24:37
Can you be more specific? Did you download all three parts? What kind of error are you getting?
WinRAR cant read .001 files anyway. Use 7zip.
Filebox says the third part has been downloaded 3 times and RS says that parts 1 & 2 have been downloaded 4 times.
I think thats your problem.
Go to :


and download part 3 (Zarathustra.zip.003). Its only 17MB.
Posted By: pagal Date: 19 Sep 2009 21:09:54
Oops yes I didn't download that last file. Thanks for that but i'm still getting error...Please see this image...

Posted By: Fanerose Date: 25 Nov 2009 16:37:34
Thanks a lot for your working one click download Logicomix!!!