Nonclassical Physics: Beyond Newton's View

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Randy Harris, "Nonclassical Physics: Beyond Newton's View"
Addison Wesley | 1998 | ISBN: 0201834367 | 545 pages | Djvu | 10,4 MB

Introduces a wide range of modern physics principles developed in the 20th century. Maintains a consistent level & focuses on key topics of concern today, for a more contemporary approach than other treatments of modern physics. DLC: Physics.

Summary: Good Overview of modern physics
Rating: 4

I used this book in a Modern physics class and for studying the basics of modern physics. I think Harris does a fair job in explaining the ideas and did not find it difficult to read, he is sometimes too detailed in explanations, but I think for the most part thats a good thing. The lack of examples is also nice,it's better to figure out the exercises without use of examples to guide your way, makes you try to understand the physics better rather than a more plug and chug approach. Overall, I think it's a very good book.

Summary: Harris --> really good
Rating: 5

Great book, Harris tels you evertything on a easy, clear way.

Summary: Randy harris is my professor
Rating: 5

Hey randy harris is my professor at UC Davis and I had him for about 2 quarters so far. he is a great teacher but I agree with most people that his teaching style is conversational and lecturelike at many points. From a person that read his book and listen to him speak are almost one in the same. He often patronizes students because he understands that things are hard to understand in Nonclassical physics yet he lectures you on issues that may seem confusing to us but not him. Oh well that is randy harris for you (aka Chandler of DAvis)


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