The Quantum Vacuum: An Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics - Peter W. Milonni

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The Quantum Vacuum: An Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics by Peter W. Milonni
Academic Press | 1993 | 522 pages | ISBN: 0124980805 | Djvu | 3.92Mb

In modern physics, the classical vacuum of tranquil nothingness has been replaced by a quantum vacuum with fluctuations of measurable consequence. In The Quantum Vacuum, Peter Milonni describes the concept of the vacuum in quantum physics with an emphasis on quantum electrodynamics. He elucidates in depth and detail the role of the vacuum electromagnetic field in spontaneous emission, the Lamb shift, van der Waals, and Casimir forces, and a variety of other phenomena, some of which are of technological as well as purely scientific importance.
This informative text also provides an introduction based on fundamental vacuum processes to the ideas of relativistic quantum electrodynamics and quantum field theory, including renormalization and Feynman diagrams. Experimental as well as theoreticalaspects of the quantum vacuum are described, and in most cases details of mathematical derivations are included.

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Posted By: phyosh Date: 28 Feb 2009 07:52:23
thanx a lot.
do you have john townsend's a modern approach to quantum mechanics and especially its instructors manual