Computational Mechanics of the Classical Guitar

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Rolf Bader, «Computational Mechanics of the Classical Guitar»
Springer | ISBN: 3540251367 | 1 edition (December 22, 2005) | 182 pages | PDF | 6.7 Mb

Computational Mechanics of the Classical Guitar describes a new dynamic paradigm in instrument acoustics based on time-dependent transient analysis and simulation of complete musical instruments. It describes the current state of theoretical and experimental research into the guitar for engineers, instrument makers and musicians. This includes a summary of the basic equations for the mechanics of vibrating bodies and a presentation of the FDM (finite difference method) model with which the true vibrational behaviour of the instrument as an entire system can be understood for the first time. This monograph presents various new theoretical and experimental results and insights into guitar playing such as the coupling between the strings and the top plate or a description of the finger noise made when the fingers slide over the strings before plucking.
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this is incredible... guess it works for electric guitars also right?
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