Nixon & McCaw - The Compleat Distiller

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Nixon & McCaw - The Compleat Distiller
Amphora Society | Pages: 145 | ISBN 0-473-08135-0 | PDF | 12,2 MB

The Compleat Distiller describes the science and the principles behind home distillation, the practice of small scale distillation, and several designs for different kinds of stills, all thoroughly tested. We fervently hope that our readers develop a thorough understanding of the process, which can only broaden and deepen their enjoyment of this activity. Following this philosophy, every subject introduced begins with "how does this work?" and progresses to "how can I do this?".

Without a doubt, this is the ultimate text on home distillation and an extremely comprehensive reference, covering many different still designs & operation. It has a lot of information on construction, as well as great explanations of the theory of distilling.

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