Steve G. Jones - How to Win the Lottery with Hypnosis

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Steve G. Jones - How to Win the Lottery with Hypnosis
Confidence Trainer | ISBN: N/a | 2005 | MP3 | 178 Mb

“Who Else Is Ready To Increase Their Odds Of Winning The Lottery and Position Themselves For Financial Victory Where Your Worries About Bills And Lack Of Money Become Nothing But a Mere Memory?”
“The Time Has Come To Join The Proactive Thinkers Of The World Who Are Equipping Themselves With The Specialized Knowledge Needed To Advantageously Position Them To Win The Lottery Faster Than Everyone Else!”
“Finally, A Formula Designed To Bring You Closer To Winning The Lottery With Strategies Supported By Both Mathematics And metaphysics!”

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Looks like all of your filefactory links are gone!
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Thanks Newag, very much appreciate it for sharing.
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