Los Calchakis - La Flûte Indienne à Travers les Siècles (LP/FLAC)

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Los Calchakís - La Flûte Indienne à Travers les Siècles (LP / FLAC)
FLAC | CUE | NO LOG | Full LP Covers (1:1) | 202MB
Genre: Andean-Folk | Label: ARION 34 200 | Original release: 1973

Side A
1 Cerros salteños
2 Sikus del Titicaca
3 Fantasía para kenas
4 Imanaska
5 Kurikinga
6 El centinela
Side B
7 Anata morena
8 Las barcas
9 Tutallamanta
10 Angata
11 Pampa de los guanacos
12 Chiquita huambrita
13 Santa María de Iquique
14 Después del silencio

"The Indian flute through the centuries", bucolic the title, eh? I'll not delve into the processes of evolution of the Andean flute, but for which no individual knows wind instruments of the Andes is a great opportunity to get into their sounds and implementation.
Fran Solo
"La flauta indígena a través de los siglos", bucólico el título, ¿ah? No me voy a adentrar en los procesos de la evolución de la flauta andina, pero, para el que no conoce los distintos instrumentos de viento de Los Andes es una magnífica oportunidad para adentrarse en sus sonidos y ejecución.
Fran Solo

Vinyl rip: Enrico
Turntable: JVC - JL A40
Cartridge: GOLDRING
1st. edition software: SONY SOUNDFORGE 9.0, WAVELAB 6.0
2nd. mastered and audio correction: Fran Solo
Software: Macromedia SoundEdit, XLD Lossless.
Scan LP cover, 2 different versions (1:1): Enrico
Redesign and corrected covers, LP & CD versions: Fran Solo

FLAC/ CUE/ High definition covers, LP & CD, 202MBZIP:

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Posted By: jazzever Date: 03 Feb 2011 04:19:33
Thank you Fran-Solo,I've heard long time ago some "Flûte indeinne" dont know if is the same,amazing post!
Posted By: VAUVAU Date: 03 Feb 2011 08:44:12
Thank you, Fran! But The Uploading don't work again! I think they removed the files after three days.
Posted By: Fran Solo Date: 03 Feb 2011 14:08:13
Hello VAUVAU, I just checked the links. Host UPLOADING doesn't work. The rest are still active.
Posted By: VAUVAU Date: 03 Feb 2011 14:48:48
@Fran Solo
In our office, corporate server blocks access to all servers sharing except Uploading. Therefore, for pumping during work hours I need Uploading. Do not worry, I download it in my spare time.
Thank you very much!