Black Crowes: Before the Frost… Until the Freeze [180g Vinyl] 24-bit/96kHz

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Black Crowes: Before the Frost… Until the Freeze
Silver Arrow Records Double LP (180 gram vinyl)
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/96kHz | FLAC | 1.8 gb | Artwork | RS & FF | Folk; Folk Rock ; Country Rock | 2009

Before the Frost...Until the Freeze is a 2009 album by blues-rock band The Black Crowes. It was recorded before a live audience at Levon Helm's Woodstock, NY studio, The Barn in late February and early March, 2009. The album was produced by long time band collaborator, Paul Stacey, and released on Silver Arrow Records. -wikipedia

Revitalized by their 2008 reunion, the Black Crowes decided to take a genuine risk, recording a double-album's worth of new material in front of a live audience at Levon Helm's barn in upstate New York...and then release the second half, Until the Freeze, as a free download-only. To a certain extent, such formal experiments are where the Crowes can really stretch, as they're so devoted to rock & roll roots from Southern England to South Georgia, they can't add new wrinkles to old traditions. But that's not exactly right: they're willing to stretch until at least the late '70s, offering their spin on a Rolling Stones' disco on the album's first single, "I Ain't Hiding." As true as that may be, it's too snide and easy, and does a disservice to what the Crowes pull off with aplomb on this rather remarkable record, a record that has all the easy interplay of a road-tested band but none of the weariness. The Crowes play with muscle and grace, easing into the rustic ramble of "Appaloosa" or getting dirt underneath their fingernails on the stupendous opener "Good Morning Captain," a song that sets the keynote for the rest of the record both in its sturdy construction and enthusiastically ragged performance. More than anything, it's the kineticism that captivates, how the band deepens their already-strong songs with muscle and blood, sounding alive in a way that they never quite have in the studio. No longer young upstarts, they wear their years proudly on this terrific album, sounding like the veteran roadhounds they've always aspired to be.. - allmusic

Track Listing
Side 1
1. "Aimless Peacock" – 6:40
2. "Good Morning Captain" – 3:24
3. "Been a Long Time (Waiting on Love)" – 7:47
4. "Greenhorn" – 7:12

Side 2
1. "Appaloosa" – 3:35
2. "The Shady Grove" – 4:42
3. "The Garden Gate" – 4:21
4. "Shine Along" – 4:47
5. "Roll Old Jeremiah" (C. Robinson) – 4:40
6. "Houston Don't Dream About Me" – 5:05

Side 3
1. "I Ain't Hiding" (C. Robinson) – 5:57
2. "Kept My Soul" – 5:23
3. "Lady of Ave. A" – 5:20
4. "Make Glad" – 4:18
5. "And the Band Played On..." – 4:12

Side 4
1. "What Is Home?" (R. Robinson) – 5:13
2. "So Many Times" (Hillman, Stills) – 4:53
3. "A Train Still Makes a Lonely Sound" – 4:23
4. "Fork in the River" (C. Robinson) – 4:11
5. "The Last Place That Love Lives" (C. Robinson) – 4:57

Larry Campbell Banjo, Fiddle, Pedal Steel
Luther Dickinson Guitar, Mando
Steve Gorman Percussion, Drums
Adam MacDougall Keyboards, Vocals
Joe Magistro Percussion
Sven Pipien Bass, Vocals
Christopher Robinson Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Rich Robinson Lyricist

Technical log
Technics SL-1100A / Grado Blue+ / Rogue Metis preamp / Macbook Pro with Audacity output to flac (8).

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The files are interchangeable, and I double checked all the links this time too! ;).
Pass: analog

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Posted By: wersollsschonsein Date: 17 Mar 2010 13:07:43
Cheers from Ireland.
Posted By: bh80231 Date: 18 Mar 2010 15:58:44
Regarding the Crowes, they started out in 1990 with comparisons to the Faces and the Stones from their Exile on Main Street era. That first record is great! The vocals had a Rod Stewart-link sound, but not a mimic by any means, and the band just had that swagger and sloppy blooze approach, Ron Wood / Keef-like guitar tones, it was great stuff!

In my opinion they morphed to more of a 'rock' band for a while, then recently retooled with more of a folk / roots rock sound, combined (live at least) with some longer excursions, but usually not the 20-minute 'jam band' wanking that I find very tiresome.

They employ flat picking, pedal steel, some banjos, and are excellent musicians. They are hard to genre-ize. I think if you like(d) The Band back in the day, chances are good you might like this LP, but again, drawing these comparisons is futile, nobody ever agrees. I just mean to say they are now a rootsy band and employ a lot of different stringed instruments, with a lot of talent! Hope you enjoy it!
Posted By: sokos Date: 18 Mar 2010 22:08:41
Thank You So Much.
Posted By: JolietJake5150 Date: 31 Mar 2010 13:23:17
Thanks for this. I was supposed to be at Levon Helm's for this and will always regret not making it.
Posted By: TomInPhilly Date: 15 Feb 2011 02:16:10
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: appreciative Date: 19 Apr 2011 00:39:58
Thanks for taking the time to do this.

FYI the 2nd and 7th links for File Factory are reporting deleted files.
Posted By: quincy_tom Date: 16 May 2011 10:21:12
Many Thanks. Any chance for the Southern Harmony and Musical Companion ??