Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) [Japanese Limited SHM-SACD 2010 # UIGY-9052] PS3 ISO

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Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) [Japanese Limited SHM-SACD 2010 # UIGY-9052]
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 76:19 minutes | Scans included | 3,07 GB

Features the 2010 DSD mastering based on Japanese original analog tape. Reissue features the high-fidelity SHM-SACD format (fully compatible with standard SACD player, but it does not play on standard CD players). DSD Transferred by Kevin Vanbergen.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was where Elton John's personality began to gather more attention than his music, as it topped the American charts for eight straight weeks. In many ways, the double album was a recap of all the styles and sounds that made John a star. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is all over the map, beginning with the prog rock epic "Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)" and immediately careening into the balladry of "Candle in the Wind." For the rest of the album, John leaps between popcraft ("Bennie and the Jets"), ballads ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"), hard rock ("Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"), novelties ("Jamaica Jerk-Off"), Bernie Taupin's literary pretensions ("The Ballad of Danny Bailey"), and everything in between. Though its diversity is impressive, the album doesn't hold together very well. Even so, its individual moments are spectacular and the glitzy, crowd-pleasing showmanship that fuels the album pretty much defines what made Elton John a superstar in the early '70s.


01 - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
02 - Candle In The Wind
03 - Bennie And The Jets
04 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
05 - This Song Has No Title
06 - Grey Seal
07 - Jamaica Jerk-Off
08 - I've Seen That Movie Too
09 - Sweet Painted Lady
10 - The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)
11 - Dirty Little Girl
12 - All The Girls Love Alice
13 - Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'N Roll)
14 - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
15 - Roy Rogers
16 - Social Disease
17 - Harmony

DSD transferred from the original analogue master tapes by Kevin Vanbergen at the FX Copyroom, England.

Dynamic Range
Analyzed: Elton John / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 -5.53 dB -20.18 dB 11:08 01-Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
DR11 -6.40 dB -21.02 dB 3:48 02-Candle In The Wind
DR11 -6.70 dB -21.42 dB 5:23 03-Bennie And The Jets
DR13 -4.82 dB -21.61 dB 3:14 04-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
DR10 -7.15 dB -21.61 dB 2:23 05-This Song Has No Title
DR11 -4.48 dB -19.87 dB 4:00 06-Grey Seal
DR12 -5.95 dB -20.44 dB 3:38 07-Jamaica Jerk-Off
DR14 -5.41 dB -22.35 dB 6:00 08-I've Seen That Movie Too
DR13 -6.76 dB -22.21 dB 3:54 09-Sweet Painted Lady
DR11 -5.68 dB -19.70 dB 4:24 10-The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)
DR12 -4.30 dB -19.81 dB 5:03 11-Dirty Little Girl
DR11 -5.45 dB -20.74 dB 5:09 12-All The Girls Love Alice
DR10 -5.38 dB -19.06 dB 2:42 13-Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'N Roll)
DR11 -5.54 dB -18.78 dB 4:55 14-Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
DR11 -6.92 dB -20.88 dB 4:08 15-Roy Rogers
DR12 -5.58 dB -20.18 dB 3:42 16-Social Disease
DR12 -5.22 dB -20.36 dB 2:47 17-Harmony

Number of tracks: 17
Official DR value: DR12

Samplerate: 2822400 Hz / PCM Samplerate: 88200 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 5645 kbps
Codec: DSD64

Confirmed to be played on
Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD
Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD
Denon DBP-1611UD
Denon DBP-2012UD
Denon DVD-2910
Denon DVD-3910
Denon DVD-5910
Denon DVD-A11
Marantz DV7600
Marantz UD5005
NAD T585
Pioneer BDP-140
Pioneer BDP-440
Shanling SCD300
Sony BDP-S180
Sony BDP-S370 *(after further analysis it was discovered that there was something really wrong with the sinewaves generated by the Sony, as they were not clean but very fuzzy, like rips of vinyls in bad shape. So cannot recommend it.)
Sony BDP-S370/BX37
Sony BDP-S380
Sony BDP-S470
Sony BDP-S570
Sony BDP-S580
Sony BDP-S770
Sony BDP-S780
Sony BDP-S870
Sony BDP-S970
Sony BDV-E870
Sony BDV-ES570
Sony BDV-F500
Yamaha BD-S1067
Yamaha BD-A1010

Cannot be played on
Accuphase DP-100
Arcam DV137
Cambridge Audio DVD89
Cambridge Audio DVD99
Cary DVD8
Denon DVD-1930
Denon DVD-1940
Denon DVD-2900
Denon DVD-2930
Denon DVD-3930
Denon DVD-A1UD
Esoteric SZ-1s
Harman/Kardon DVD 47
Integra DPS-6.9
Marantz DV-6001
Marantz DV-6500
Marantz DV-7001
Marantz DV-8400
Marantz DV-9500
Marantz DV-9600
Marantz SA-11S2
Marantz SA-15S1
Marantz SA-7001
Marantz SA-7003
NAD T535
Onkyo C-S5VL
Onkyo DV-506
Onkyo DV-SP504
Onkyo DV-SP506
Oppo DV-980H
Oppo DV-981HD
Oppo DV-983H
Parasound D3
Philips DVP-9000S
Pioneer DV-563A
Pioneer DV-565A
Pioneer DV-565
Pioneer DV-575A
Pioneer DV-585A
Pioneer DV-600AV
Pioneer DV-610AV
Pioneer DV-655A
Pioneer DV-656
Pioneer DV-656A
Pioneer DV-696AV
Pioneer DV-696S
Pioneer DV-733A
Pioneer DV-757Ai
Pioneer DV-868AVi
Pioneer DV-989AVi
Pioneer PD-D6-J
Pioneer PDX-Z9
Sherwood Newcastle SD-871
Sony BDV-E280
Sony DVP-NS90V
Sony DVP-NS700V
Sony DVP-NS900V
Sony DVP-NS955V
Sony DVP-S9000ES
Sony PlayStation3
Sony SCD-555ES
Sony SCD-CE595
Sony SCD-XA3000ES
Sony SCD-XA5400ES
Sony SCD-XB790
Sony SCD-XB940 QS
Sony SCD-XB970QS
Yamaha CD-S1000
Yamaha CD-S2000
Yamaha DVD-S1500

Ready to play (after custom firmware update)
Onkyo DV-SP502E
Oppo DV-970HD
Oppo DV980H
Oppo DV-981HD
Pioneer DV-LX50
Pioneer DV-575A
Pioneer DV-578A
Pioneer DV-585A
Pioneer DV-588A
Pioneer DV-600AV
Pioneer DV-610AV
Pioneer DV-696AV
Samsung HD745/945/950
Samsung HD841/941
Yamaha DVD-S657
Yamaha DVD-S1700
Yamaha DVD-S1800
Yamaha DVD-S2700

Perfectly played on Foobar2000 with "foo_input_sacd" plugin.
Thanks to PS³SACD!

RAR's compressed size > 2,3 GB

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