The Royal Ballet - Gala Performances (1957) {Classic/RCA LDS-6065 180g} 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip + Redbook CD Version

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The Royal Ballet - Gala Performances (conducted by Ernest Ansermet)
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/96kHz | FLAC (5% Recovery) | m3u & Tech Log, no cue | HQ Artwork
1976 MB (24/96) + 573 MB (CD) | RAR 5% recovery | DR Analysis | Classical | 1957
Classic Records/RCA LDS-6065 (1994) 180g 2 LP RTI Pressing mastered by Bernie Grundman

The Royal Ballet - Gala Performances has historically been the most highly sought after of the RCA Living Stereo releases.

Recorded in London's Kingsway Hall in 1957 by the legendary Kenneth Wilkinson, this title features selections from The Nutcracker Suite, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty among others. The performances are conducted by Ernest Ansermet directing the Royal Opera House Orchestra and the sonics are incomparable.

Review on Audiophilia Online:

This is the stuff of which dreams are made. The Royal Ballet Gala is one of the finest RCAs recorded in London's Kingsway Hall. The chunks of great ballet music are well served by orchestra, conductor and engineer. Performances are executed to a very high standard - the Royal Opera House Orchestra, both then and now, rank as one of the finest of opera orchestras. In fact, their celebrated status could live on indefinitely by virtue of their great RCAs!

Conductor Ansermet keeps the pace moving, giving the listener the impression of a dance event rather than a dramatic concert hall reading. With the exception of some of the Tchaikovsky scenes, the music is light and remains so under Ansermet's gentle touch. Each ballet is given full attention by the players, something not always attained at Covent Garden during long ballet nights! The threat of eternity does have its merits.

The recorded sound is simply amazing! Lustrous is one word that comes to mind, accurate is another. Tonally, Messrs. Williamson and Wilkinson have used their considerable talents to capture the orchestra superbly. Woodwind and strings glow and resonate, transporting this listener to a time when simpler recording was better. Brass ring out thrillingly and percussion effects are very musical. Be it a bang, swish, rattle, crack or snap, each percussionist is situated perfectly within the beautiful Kingsway soundstage. Even the difficult-to-record sound of the celeste is captured in its purely mechanical form. Its delicate sound is heard to great effect during the Nutcracker - originating stage left, the sound decays across the stage of Kingsway with sparkling beauty. Wonderful.

LP track listing

Side One

Tchaikovsky - from the Nutcracker Suite
1. "March" - 2:31
2. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" - 1:45
3. "Arabian Dance" - 3:34
4. "Chinese Dance" - 1:08
5. "Dance of the Toy Flutes" - 2:18
6. "Waltz of the Flowers" - 6:33

Rossini-Respighi - from the La Boutique Fantastique
7. "Tarantella" - 2:06
8. "Andante mosso" - 2:38
9. "Can-Can" - 2:03

Side Two

Delibes - from Coppelia
10. "Introduction (Allegro marcato) and Mazurka - Act I" - 4:19
11. "Introduction (Andante) and Waltz - Act I" - 2:56
12. "Czardas - Act I" - 3:40
13. "Valse de la Poupee - Act II Adam from Giselle" - 2:04

Adam - from Giselle
14. "Introduction and Waltz - Act I" - 5:01
15. "Pas de Deux and Variation - Act II" - 4:42

Side Three

Tchaikovsky - from Swan Lake
16. "Scene - Act II" - 3:08
17. "Dance of the Little Swans (Pas de Quarte) - Act II" - 1:21
18. "Scene - Pas de Deux - Act II" - 6:29
19. "Waltz - Act II" - 7:46

Schumann - from Carnaval
20. "Pierrot" - 1:09
21. "Reconnaissance" - 1:35
22. "Aveu" - 1:07
23. "Pantalon et Columbine" - 1:06

Side Four

Tchaikovsky - from the Sleeping Beauty
24. "Introduction - The Lilac Fairy - Prologue" - 4:40
25. "Rose Adagio - Pas d' Action - Act I" - 6:11
26. "Waltz - Act I" - 4:27

Chopin - from Les Sylphides
27. "Overture: Prelude in A major, Opus 28, No. 7" - 1:46
28. "Mazurka in C major, Opus 67, No. 3" - 1:55
29. "Grande Valse Brillante in E flat major, Opus 18" - 5:34

Released: 1957 [Classic Records reissue 1994]
Recorded: 1957
Genre: Classical
Length: 95:32
Label: RCA Living Stereo/Classic Records
Producer: Michael Williamson


Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden/Ernest Ansermet, Conductor

Personal Note

The sudden drops to total silence between tracks (no tape noise) is the way the records were mastered.

Folks have different ideas about how the tags should be used for classical music, so I settled on a system that works for me. If my system doesn't suit you, you are free to change them as you see fit.

Vinyl Ripping Notes

The Royal Ballet - Gala Performances
Ernest Ansermet/Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Classic Records/RCA LDS-6065 (1994/1957)
180g Pressing mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI
24-bit / 96kHz Vinyl Rip by garybx
December 2011

Vinyl condition: New

Deadwax info
Side 1: LSC-6065-A BG
Side 2: LSC-6065-B BG
Side 3: LSC-6065-C BG
Side 4: LSC-6065-D BG

VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Rega P25 Turntable with GrooveTracer Reference subplatter and acrylic platter
Rega Exact Cartridge
Coda 01 Preamp
Apogee Duet 2 external USB audio interface
MacBook Pro Core i5 2.4 GHz for capturing rip
Sound Studio 4.2 recording software
Mac Pro Dual Quad-Core Xeon 2.8 GHz for processing
ClickRepair 3.4.5 and Amadeus Pro 2.0.3 for de-click (manual mode only)
iZotope RX Advanced 2.0 for Redbook conversion
xACT 2.13 for Redbook SBE correction
XLD Version 20111015 (136.4) for FLAC conversion

RCM > TT > Exact > Coda preamp > ADC > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio @ 24/96 >
analyze (no clipping, DC Bias offset correction) > Amadeus Pro > split into individual tracks > ClickRepair > click repair in manual mode > FLAC encoded Level 8 with XLD

No DeNoise was used on this rip.
All de-clicking software used in full manual mode to preserve musical transients.
No music was harmed in the making of this vinyl rip.
No silence been removed, please burn gapless to match original track layout.

You are free to share this along with credit
"Rip by garybx"

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As usually, another excellent HDrip from garybx.
Thanks a lot!
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Ansermet is perfect for Russian classics! Thank you Gary, for this masterpiece and great sounding rip! Very much!! Cheers!
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