Master Tsai - Part 1 - How To Protect Yourself

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Master Tsai - How To Protect Yourself

MASTER JOHN TSAI began his KUNG FU training in KASSHIUNG TAIWAN at the age of seven - proceeding through the years to a full understanding of the essence of KUNG FU. MASTER TSAI holds the titles of STATE CHAMPION for 1963, NATIONAL CHAMPION for 1964 and WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION for 1965 and 1967. He is considered the foremost teacher of SHAOLIN KUNG FU today.

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In Master Tsai's \"How to Protect Yourself\" video lessons, you'll discover:

* How to literally tap, grab and jab aggressors with as little as 4-5 ounces of pressure that any woman can do...and disable anyone, no matter how much of a big fat pig they are, and no matter how they try to grab or attack you! It doesn't matter if they attack from the front or behind, you'll have him on the ground, whimpering like a helpless puppy in about the same time it takes to snap your fingers!

* How any woman can end that awful feeling of being so vulnerable! Never again worry about being at the mercy of some slob hurting or taking advantage of you without being able to protect yourself...no matter how old you are, how little you are, if you're caught by surprise, or if you don’t have previous experience in protecting yourself!

* The secret the ancients found about weak spots all humans have...that if tapped or jabbed with even the slightest effort, will have an attacker doubled over in pain and completely helpless so fast, he won't know what happened!

* The peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you don't have to always look over your shoulder worrying about what you would do if someone surprised you and came at you! You'll love the serenity of knowing you can lose that sick feeling of fear that lurks in your soul, that always hangs with you whenever you're alone!

* How to be able to react like a snake, even if you are very uncoordinated and sort of clumsy...with easy moves that happen so fast, your former attacker will never know what put him on his lowlife, scumbag butt!

* How to protect yourself even if the intruder has a gun or knife! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get out of these kinds of dangerous situations intact!

* Why these ancient techniques are so simple that they'll become a reflex you'll never have to think about

* So if some loser tries to harm you, he'll be down before he realizes what happened!

* Why the concept of "self defense" is so dangerous, and virtually assures you’ll be unable to protect yourself! ...and so much more!

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thank you very much
Do you have more kung-fu lessons? :)
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great post thanks
Posted By: v1perstar Date: 08 Jun 2006 07:05:36
Watch this space for the series two which I will upload soon..
Posted By: leo132 Date: 08 Jun 2006 17:22:54
Thanks .. looking forward for Part 2 -:)
Posted By: samaziz Date: 21 Jun 2006 22:22:27
Thanks a lot, this stuff is really great
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