BLIND WILLIE MCTELL : (1949) Atlanta Twelve String (LP Version)

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Willie Samuel McTell was one of the blues' greatest guitarists, and also one of the finest singers ever to work in blues. A major figure with a local following in Atlanta from the 1920s onward, he recorded dozens of sides throughout the 1930s under a multitude of names — all the better to juggle "exclusive" relationships with many different record labels at once — including Blind Willie, Blind Sammie, Hot Shot Willie, and Georgia Bill, as a backup musician to Ruth Mary Willis. And those may not have been all of his pseudonyms — we don't even know what he chose to call himself, although "Blind Willie" was his preferred choice among friends. Much of what we do know about him was learned only years after his death, from family members and acquaintances. His family name was, so far as we know, McTier or McTear, and the origins of the "McTell" name are unclear. What is clear is that he was born into a family filled with musicians — his mother and his father both played guitar, as did one of his uncles, and he was also related to Georgia Tom Dorsey, who later became the Reverend Thomas Dorsey.

(( tracks ))

1) Broke Down Engne Blues
2) Dying Crapshooter's Blues
3) Blues Around Midnight
4) On The Cooling Board
5) I Got to Cross the River Jordan
6) Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
7) Little Delta
8) You Got to Die
9) Pearly Gates
10) Last Dime Blues
11) The Razor Ball
12) Motherless Children Have a Hard Time

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Twelve Strings Guitar means that we got two songs instead of one?
Title sounds very interesting Nagiants39, thanks for your posts!
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My posting later today that you complimented me on was a complete coincidence. THIS is a great post. Thank you, Nagiants!
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Blind Wille MCtell...reminds me of "The Dream Syndicate´s Cover of a Dyland song"
I´m Looking forward to this one :)
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