BIG MAMA THORNTON : (1966) With The Muddy Waters Blues Band

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Recorded in San Francisco on April 25, 1966, Big Mama Thornton is backed by the mighty Muddy Waters band on this excellent, gritty slice of electric blues. Waters and Samuel Lawhorn play guitars, with Otis Spann on the piano, and the great James Cotton on the harmonica - except on the spirited instrumental "Big Mama's Shuffle" and the slow, mournful "Big Mama's Blues", both of which features Willie Mae Thornton herself.
The sound is excellent, and Big Mama Thornton is particularly magnificent on the up-tempo R&B stomper "Black Rat", the grinding "I'm Feeling Alright", and a gospel-flavoured "Guide Me Home".
Armed with a powerful, expressive voice, she fronts Muddy Waters' legendary combo with all the authority of Waters himself in his prime, and Otis Spann and James Cotton in particular add a lot of instrumental firepower. Cotton's smouldering harmonica playing catch fire on more than one occation, and drummer Francis Clay is rock-solid, equally adept at providing a thudding shuffle backbeat on the tough "Wrapped Tight" and a subtle, almost jazzy rhythm for the slow blues "Since I Fell For You".
This is a really good, classic blues record, one of Big Mama Thornton's best, and even though it's a bit of shame that she doesn't do "Hound Dog", the damage is minimal, really...that one is easily available in both live and studio renditions, unlike most of these fine songs.
Gritty, muscular Chicago blues. Get it!.... Reviewer (Docendo Discimus )

((( track listing )))

1. I'm Feeling Alright
2. Sometimes I Have A Heartache
3. Black Rat (Take 4)
4. Life Goes On
5. Everything Gonna Be Alright
6. Big Mama's Bumble Bee Blues
7. Gimme A Penny
8. Looking The World Over
9. I Feel The Way I Feel
10. Guide Me Home
11. Black Rat (Take 2)
12. Wrapped Tight
13. Gimme A Penny (Take 5)
14. Big Mama's Shuffle
15. Since I Fell for You
16. I'm Feeling Alright (Fast Version)
17. Big Mama's Blues (My Love)

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