Houyam Younes – Safer Ya Habibi هيام يونس – سافر يا حبيبي

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Houyam Younes – Safer Ya Habibi هيام يونس – سافر يا حبيبي
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Arabic/Lebanese/Pop/Bedouin/Oldies/Arabic musical heritage | Publisher : Phonie

Houyam Younes harvested many titles, one after the other throughout her artistic journey. Her first title is "the miraculous child," followed by the "Orient Star" when one of her released songs sold more than one million copies.
Then her nickname was "Chanter of Poetry" and later she was given the title of the "Educated Singer" due to her delicacy and subtlety.
The late musician Mohammed Abdul-Wahhab described her as one who has the
"most dangerous feelings."
Hiyam Younes combined all of these titles and nicknames in her artistic and humanitarian character, carrying it along when she roamed the Arab World from its east to its west. She sang in the dialects of different areas, pushing critics to call her the "Artsitic Arab League."

01. Safer Ya Habibi سافر يا حبيبي
02. Ya Yamama يا يمامة
03. Ridaha Ridaha ريدها ريدها
04. Jaddili Yamm El Jadayel جدلي يا ام الجدايل
05. Taâallaka Kalbi تعلق قلبي
06. Ana Rifiya أنا ريفية
07. Ohdika Ma Ohdik أهديك ما أهديك
08. Ya Tir Yalli Tayer يا طير ياللي طاير

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