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Stamitz, Hoffmeister: Viola Concertos - Chang, Thakar, Baltimore Chamber Orchetra (2011)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 302 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Naxos | Catalog Number: 8572162

Stamitz was a violinist, violist and composer, a formidable virtuoso who absorbed much from his predecessors in the Mannheim school. His Viola Concerto in D is a brilliantly conceived work, full of technical demands more often encountered in virtuosic nineteenth-century music. Allied to this is a rich sense of colour and intricate scoring, making this one of the outstanding works of its century. Hoffmeister is better known as a publisher but his two concertos are adorned with rich melodic beauty, elegance and tonal breadth. They are performed by soloist Victoria Chiang.
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Across The Sea - Chinese-American Flute Concertos / Bezaly, Shui, Singapore Symphony Orchestra (2011)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 251 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Bis | Catalog Number: 1739

Flautist Sharon Bezaly with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Lan Shui here play the music of three composers who are all resident in the USA, but have their roots across the Pacific Ocean, in China. Philosophical, musical and literary aspects of this Chinese heritage are in evidence in the works recorded here.
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Kalevi Aho - Tuba Concerto, Contrabasson Concerto
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers + Booklet | 385 Mb
Label:BIS - Date:2007

Two unusual solo instruments are the focus of this all-Aho disc. Indeed, in the case of the contrabassoon (or double bassoon), Kalevi Aho’s work is one of the very few concertos that exist. It is also by far the most demanding and extensive. In fact, the solo part became playable only after recent developments of the instrument itself, extending its compass upwards. While composers have treated the tuba slightly more generously, there was certainly room for another concerto in the repertoire when Aho composed it in 2001. Both instruments are sometimes treated as the buffoons of the symphony orchestra, and are ......
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Wölfl, Joseph - PianoConcertos Nos. 1, 5 & 6 (Kronenberg, SWR-Rundfunkorch. Kaiserslautern, Moesus)
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers + Booklet | 387 Mb
Label:CPO - Date:2008

Woelfl is one of the composers who still, like numerous other contemporaries of Mozart and Beethoven, suffers unspeakable slander today; a slander that could probably only be borne out of sheer ignorance and uninformed prejudice. His prodigious talent at the keyboard could very likely have inspired the young Beethoven to hone his extraordinary pianistic skill even further; as from the fateful Viennese duel of 1798.
His spirit of aristocratic elegance and classical poise as inherited from the hands of Mozart is something that Beethoven could perhaps, only admire from a distance. When one is blind to musical ......
A most welcoming entry into the CPO catalogue and classical era repertory.
Dexter Tay @ Amazon.com
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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Octet Op.20, Sinfonia No.6, 10 - I Solisti Italiani - 2007
Classical | Eac. Flac, Image+Cue, Log | Scans | 316 MB
Label: DENON | TT: 58'15

I Solisti Veneti is one of the first rank of small Italian chamber orchestras with modern instruments. Founded in Padua in 1959 by Claudio Scimone, it has made a reputation especially with Italian Baroque music, recording many works by Antonio Vivaldi, Tomaso Albinoni, Francesco Geminiani, Benedetto Marcello and Giuseppe Tartini. Giuliano Carmignola and Piero Toso were two of the soloists in the ensemble. The group has made over 300 recordings, many on the Erato record label. A number of these were first-ever recordings of works of Vivaldi, Albinoni and Rossini.
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Dunedin Consort under John Butt - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem (Reconstruction of First Performance) (2014)
Classical | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:01:31 | 142 MB
Label: LINN | Tracks: 19 | Rls.date: 2014

In the early nineteenth century, the controversy was over how much of the Requiem was really the work of Mozart and how much of it was completed by Franz Xaver Süssmayr. By the turn of our current century, the extent of Süssmayr’s involvement had been clearly established – so far as is likely to be possible – and the discussion moved towards the question of whether modern scholars could provide a completion superior to Süssmayr’s. Now that there are a number of ‘new’ versions of the Requiem, perhaps performing the ‘original’ completion is almost as controversial as performing a modern version.
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John Zorn - Lemma (2013) {Tzadik Composer Series}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 283 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 136 Mb | Artwork | 5% repair rar
© 2013 Tzadik | Composer Series | TZ 8095
Classical / Avant-Garde / Chamber Music

Zorn’s virtuosic string music is legendary and this CD focuses on his compositions for violin. Two major new works for solo violin—Passagen (based on the legendary B-A-C-H motif) and Ceremonial Magic (which appeared on Rimbaud in a duo realization with drums but here is presented as a virtuoso solo piece); and an enigmatic suite of 12 miniatures for 2 violins entitled Apophthegms. Featuring three incredible young virtuosos: Pauline Kim, David Fulmer and Chris Otto, Lemma is a CD of wildly imaginative string music performed with passion and fiery intensity.
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Kiri Te Kanawa: Sorceress - A Handel Celebration
(Christopher Hogwood; The Academy of Ancient Music; George Frideric Handel) [1994]

EAC Rip | FLAC, TRACKS+CUE, LOG | Covers | 1cd, 298 MB
Classical | Label: Philips; Polygram Records | Catalog Number: 434 992-2 | TT: 77:55

Dame Kiri Janette Te Kanawa ONZ DBE AC (born 6 March 1944) is a New Zealand/Māori soprano who has had a highly successful international opera career since 1968. Acclaimed as one of the most beloved sopranos in both the United States and Britain she possesses a warm full lyric soprano voice, singing a wide array of works in multiple languages from the 17th to the 20th centuries. She is particularly associated with the works of Mozart, Strauss, Verdi, Handel and Puccini...
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Marty Regan - Scattering Light, Scattering Flowers (2014)
Contemporary Classical | Navona Records NV5933 | 2014 | 61:46 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Full Scans | Various File Hosts | 356 MB
AURA-J Ensemble and supporting performers

"Scattering Light, Scattering Flowers", the third release by composer Marty Regan (b.1972) in the Selected Works for Japanese Instruments series was recorded in Japan, and features large ensemble works for traditional Japanese instruments, including two concertos. Composed for female voice, shakuhachi, and the relatively rare 25-string koto, the title track is based on a deeply poetic text written by Japanese poet Haruka Nakanashi that echoes with references to traditional Japanese noh theater.
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Lutoslawski: Complete Music For Violin And Piano - Daskalakis, Yampolsky (2009)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 242 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Naxos | Catalog Number: 8570987

The lives of the three Eastern European composers on this disc spanned almost 150 years (1854–1994), a period of dramatic historical change, political turmoil and radical developments in Western music. Janácek, Lutoslawski and Szymanowski each left significant and very personal musical legacies, rich with inspiring melodies, harmonies and rhythms.
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Schumann: Music For Cello & Piano - Isserlis, Varjon (2009)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 273 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Hyperion | Catalog Number: 67661

Schumann’s affection for the cello ran deep. It was an instrument he had played in his youth, and considered taking up again when, at the age of twenty-two, an accident to his hand forced him to relinquish his dream of being a virtuoso pianist. ‘I want to take up the violoncello again (one needs only the left hand for this) and it will be very useful to me in composing symphonies’, he wrote to his mother. The sound of the cello played without the right hand would have been somewhat minimalist; but his love for the instrument is clearly demonstrated by the cello parts in all four of his symphonies, as well as in the concertos for piano and violin, and of course throughout his chamber music. As the great musicologist Donald Francis Tovey put it: ‘The qualities of the violoncello are exactly those of the beloved dreamer whom we know as Schumann.’
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Tchaikovsky And Shakespeare - Dudamel, Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra (2011)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 287 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Deutsche Grammophon | Catalog Number: 001529602

Gustavo Dudamel, the “energetic ambassador for classical music” (Vanity Fair), conducts symphonic pieces derived from Shakespeare as re-imagined in music by Tchaikovsky. In every case, Dudamel elicits the most appropriate interpretations imaginable from his electrifying Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra. He conclusively demonstrates that in addition to being able to generate excitement, he is a sophisticated musical thinker.
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Aho: Symphony No 15, Minea, Double Bass Concerto - Vanska, Lahti Symphony (2014)
EAC Rip | Flac (Image + cue + log) | 1 CD | Full Scans | 291 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Bis | Catalog Number: 1866

'My apotheosis of the dance' is how Kalevi Aho describes his Symphony No.15. With two dance movements and rhythm a central element, the score calls for numerous percussion instruments, including non-Western ones such as bongos, darbuka, djembe and the riqq, an Arabian tambourine. The composer's interest in non-Western music and instruments has been evident in several recent works, such as his Symphony No. 14 (recorded on BIS-1686) and Oboe Concerto (BIS-1876). It also played an important part during the creation of Minea, composed as a concert opener for the Minnesota Orchestra on the initiative of Osmo Vänskä, who also conducts the work here.
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Mieczyslaw Weinberg - Violin Sonatas (Complete), Vol. 2 (Kalnits, Csanyi-Wills)
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers + Booklet | 377 Mb
Label:Toccata - Date:2013

Weinberg's Complete Violin Sonatas Volume Two (Toccata Classics 0026) comes our way today. I've missed Volume One as yet but this second is packed with some excellent music: the Sonata Nos. 2 and 5 for Piano and Violin, the Sonata No. 2 for Solo Violin and the "Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes". The works cover the span between 1944 and 1967 and give us an excellent look at his output in this intimate setting.
Yuri Kalnits takes on the violin parts, Michael Csanyi-Wills those for the piano. They are singingly appropriate, well-prepared and idiomatically near-perfect in their readings of the works. They can .......
Grego Applegate Edwards @ classicalmodernmusic.blogspot
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Sandor Veress - String Quartets (Complete) (Basel String Quartet)
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers + Booklet | 357 Mb
Label:Toccata - Date:2013

The Hungarian composer Sándor Veress studied in Budapest with Kodály and Bartók and was also one of the latter’s assistants on Bartók’s ethnological field trips to collect examples of folk-music. The 1930s brought him some prominence, gained through performances at ISCM Festivals and elsewhere. It was also the decade in which he wrote his two numbered string quartets. The First Quartet dates from 1931 but wasn’t published until 1953. It’s a strongly argued and technically accomplished work for a 23-year old composer. The opening is arresting and the music moves between rather withdrawn introspection and a sweepingly taut, drivingly fast section, reminiscent of Bartók’s own Third Quartet........
Jonathan Woolf @ Musicweb-international.com