Yoko Fujita & Keiko Ogura - Stradivarius The SUNRISE (1994)

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Yoko Fujita & Keiko Ogura - Stradivarius The "SUNRISE"

Yoko Fujita & Keiko Ogura - Stradivarius The "SUNRISE" (1994)
Easy CD-DA / Ape & Cue ~ 393 Mb, No Log | Cover included
Label: Cisco | Genre: Classical | Product No.: CCD 2014

"Sunrise" is the nickname given to one of the most famous violins Stradivarius made. It falls into a special category of decorative instruments, which he made in very limited quantities beginning in 1677 with this violin. Through the courtesy of Mr. Michio Fujii, who is the current owner of "Sunrise," it is transformed onto CD to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the demise of Stradivarius by the talented violinist Yoko Fujita. "Sunrise" seems to have peculiar tonality. If force is applied excessively by the artist, it sounds awkward and if force is exerted too gently, the sound is not produced at all. These features form the "miracle of Sunrise" as it lets people hear its wonderful acoustics. Hear Fujita coax this miraculous sound in Tokyo's gorgeous Verio Hall.

1. K.J. Massenet: Meditation From Thais
2. Kreisler: Liebsleid
3. Krsieler: Tambourin Chinois
4. Rachmaninov:Vocalise Op 34-14
5. First Movement (Allegro Moderato)
6. Second Movement (Andante Sostenuto En Cantabile)
7. Third Movement (Allegro)
8. First Movement (Allegro)
9. Second Movement (Adagio Molt Espressivo)
10. Third Movement (Scherzo: Allegro Molt)
11. Fourth Movement (Rondo: Allegro non Tropo)

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Thanks a lot!!!!
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Nice, but HF or RS would be even nicer! Will do it the slow way...

... four hours later, I'm still trying to download it. The first half came thorugh in about two hours, the second part has crashed twice in the middle of downloading. Now trying for the third time. All of the options are distasteful - filesonic, uploading, depositfiles - can you reupload to hotfile or rapidshare? Thanks
Posted By: Haderimouve Date: 20 Aug 2010 19:45:57
Sorry but for me it's the same, after two complete downloadings, impossible to unpack (errors) ... Thanks for theshare, I would have loved to discover the sunrise ... Maybe another day, with RS links ! Bye !
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Okay, I'll upload to HF&RS, then repost.
Posted By: fatfox Date: 21 Aug 2010 04:54:14

I upload this to HF :)