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VA - Disco Discharge. Mondo Disco (2011)
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Label: Harmless | Disco

Two CD release, an installment in the highly acclaimed Disco Discharge series. Mondo Disco takes in the best Disco from Europe, the UK and the USA and features 23 full length Disco classics, rarities and some for the first time on CD.


1-01 Patrick Juvet - Got A Feeling (Original 12" Mix) 5:42
1-02 5000 Volts - Doctor Kiss Kiss (Original 7" Mix) 3:07
1-03 Gepy & Gepy - Body To Body (Original 12" Mix) 7:39
1-04 Who's Who - Hypnodance (Original Album Version) 4:47
1-05 Boney M - He Was A Steppenwolf (Original Album Version) 6:52
1-06 Supermax - African Blood (Original 12" Mix) 8:34
1-07 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie (Original 12" Mix) 6:10
1-08 Grand Tour - Flight From Versailles (Original Album Version) 5:02
1-09 Space - Prison (Original Album Version) 6:17
1-10 Voyage - Lady America (Original Album Version) 6:52
1-11 Cerrone - Call Me Tonight (Original Album Version) 7:36
1-12 Claudja Barry - Trippin' On The Moon (Original 12" Club Mix) 7:54

2-01 Technique - (Looking For Someone To Love) Tonight (Original 12" Mix) 4:28
2-02 Passengers - The Last Romantic (Original Album Version) 4:30
2-03 Liquid Gold - My Baby's Baby (Original Album Version) 4:30
2-04 Adrian Baker - Don't Take The Night Away (Previously Unreleased) 7:41
2-05 Eruption - I Can't Stand The Rain (Original Album Version) 6:27
2-06 Voyage - Souvenirs (Instrumental Album Version) 6:20
2-07 Azoto - San Salvador (Original 12" Mix) 6:51
2-08 The Gibson Brothers - Que Sera Mi Vida (Original 12" Mix) 6:43
2-09 Andy Williams - Love Story (Original 12" Mix) 9:41
2-10 Disco Circus - Over & Over (Original 12" Mix) 9:01
2-11 La Bionda - Deserts Of Mars (Original Album Version) 6:34

Mondo Disco celebrates the joyful side of disco and delivers two great value CDs that are packed full of uplifting string-laden dance music.

CD2 strikes gold on nearly every track. Highlights include the lush, mellow instrumental 'Souvenirs' by Voyage and the experimental 'Arabian' sound of La Bionda's 'Deserts of Mars' (utilising the moog synthesizers to dramatic effect). The Eruptions' 'I Can't Stand The Rain' makes what is now a standard feel fresh again. Way out in front, though, is the sublime disco version of Andy Williams' 'Love Story'. Alan Jones' excellent sleevenotes hit the nail on the head by describing the track as "astonishingly brilliant". Tense, layered and melodramatic - even as it approaches its last minute, there is new impetus that makes you wish it could go on and on. 'Love Story' is nothing short of a disco triumph. This track alone would justify purchasing the album.

CD1 is pleasant but perhaps not as immediately catchy. Patrick Juvet's 'Got A Feeling' is a Bee Gee-esque 70s cabaret style disco track that chucks several melodic hooks next to one another so that it feels weirdly like several songs cut together. 5000 Volts' 'Dr Kiss Kiss' is a sassy, string-heavy funkier disco moment. Highlight of CD1 is perhaps 'Call Me Tonight' by Cerrone, which has the warmly melodic sound that could later be heard on Goldfrapp's 'Head First' album.

As usual with Disco Discharge, this collection sounds amazing - with a real depth of sound. The packaging is great (especially the decision to include a collage of the original record sleeves). What rescues the project from becoming some kind of dull disco archive is the sheer ingenuity of track selection. On Mondo Disco, in particular, there is an huge amount of material I didn't know I loved but that feels somehow both familiar yet also excitingly fresh.

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