Viorica şi Ioniţă de la Clejani - Cine numele mi-l poartă (2010)

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Viorica şi Ioniţă de la Clejani - Cine numele mi-l poartă (2010)
Folk, Gypsy | 13 MP3 | 320 Kbps | Covers | Single CD | 111 MB

Typically nomadic, the Romani people have long acted as wandering entertainers and tradesmen. In all the places Romanies live they have become known as musicians. The wide distances travelled have introduced a multitude of influences, starting with Indian roots and adding Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Czech, Slavic, Romanian, German, French, Spanish and Celtic touches.
Apart from Romani music for local use, in Eastern Europe a separate Romani music originated for entertainment in restaurants and at parties and celebrations. This music drew its themes from Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and other sources of Romani origin, but was more sophisticated and became enormously popular in places like Budapest and Vienna. Later on it gained popularity in Western Europe, where many Romani orchestras were active, playing sophisticated melodies of East European origin.
The Lăutari were traditional Romani musicians, playing at various events (Weddings, funerals, etc). The lăutarească music is an important part of the Romanian traditional music.
The manele genre became very popular in Romania and it's promoted mostly by Romani ethnic musicians.


01. Cine numele mi-l poartă
02. Alo Hawaii
03. Cuculeţu'
04. Hora la zece
05. Căpitane de judeţ
06. Pe drumul de la Cepari
07. Pale la mişto
08. Pui de corb
09. Ca la Cartojani
10. Cucu' şi corbu'
11. Lăutărească
12. Bordeiaş
13. Dragostea de la Clejani (remix 2010)

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