Bachir Attar - The Next Dream (1992)

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Bachir Attar - The Next Dream (1992)
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Genre: world fusion, ethno jazz

Back in the wildly creative period of the psychedelic '60s, surrealist/avant-garde artist Brion Gysin took his friend Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones into the Moroccan foothills to hear and record The Master Musicians of a village called Joujouka.

For a week they were possessed by a seductive form of trance music that has facilitated astral travel and celestial visitations for centuries. The Next Dream, produced by maverick musician Bill Laswell, is a solo project by Bachir Attar, the chief of these musicians. Playing shepherd's flute, gimbri (three-stringed goatskin lute) and ghaita (a droning seven-holed Moroccan folk oboe), Bachir is joined by an African percussionist and reedman Maceo Parker, who played for years with James Brown. The results are intoxicatingly surreal, and otherworldly. - AMG

Bachir Attar (Ghaita, Gimbri, Lira and Percussion)
Ayib Dieng (Chatan, Congas, Doff, Bass Drums, Tom Toms, Metal Percussion)
Maceo Parker (Alto Saxophone and Flute) - 2,3,5

1. Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil 4:23
2. Under the Shadow of Liberty 5:53
3. The 1001 Nights 8:19
4. Here We Stay 6:34
5. Mixed Cultures 5:23
6. Full Moon at the Window 5:59
7. The Next Dream 4:49
All compositions by Bachir Attar


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