Angel Heart (OST) [1987]

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Angel Heart (OST) [1987]
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Another great soundtrack signed by Trevor Jones

Although I usually find the inclusion of dialogue on a soundtrack to be intrusive, that's not the case here. Luckily it is not too overdone. The compositions by Trevor Jones and the sax of Courtney Pine bring back all the haunting beauty and terror of the film. There are no throwaway screeching scare tracks. At under 40 minutes, it is a beautiful rendering of a sinister mood that can be listened to again and again. More than a decade later, one might say the film doesn't keep it's "mystery" very well hidden but the music has held up. It's a superior example of a composer's ability to make a good film great and for that reason, I can watch it again and again. Note however, I could not watch the film without its score but I can spin the disc constantly. Alan Parker was a genius for choosing to go with atmosphere rather than musical hysterics. Never have the blues been so unnervingly hypnotic.

Track listing
1. Harry Angel
2. Honey Man Blues
3. Nightmare
4. Girl of My Dreams
5. I Got This Thing About Chickens
6. Right Key But the Wrong Keyhole - Lillian Boutte
7. Rainy, Rainy Day - Brownie McGhee
8. Looking for Johnny
9. Bloodmare
10. Johnny Favourite


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