Pulp Fusion Vol.7 The Harder They Come

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Pulp Fusion Vol.7 The Harder They Come

Original 1970's Ghetto Jazz & Funk Classics

Harmless Recordings, Released: December 14, 2004 | MP3 CBR 256 Kbps | 102 MB | Funk

More fantastic original `70s ghetto jazz and funk classics from the latest instalment in the Pulp Fusion series, collecting together the likes of Harlem Underground, George Benson, Funkadelic, Fuzzy Haskins, Kool & The Gang and Grant Green for an electrifying set. Wickedly good stuff from the Harmless imprint that`s worth buying for the basslines alone.
Like the previous volumes (including Return to the Tough Side, Revenge of the Ghetto Grooves and others) this volume is hard hitting and funky to a fault. The tracks originate from '69 to '76, and often come from hard-to-find albums. If you like your funk with a classical twist, try Daniel Salinas' "Straussmania" or Gordon Staples' "Strung Out" from the Fred Williamson movie soundtrack Mean Johnny Barrow. That one has a soaring yet groovy arrangement featuring the Motown Strings. Care to hear something from the early days of Kool & the Gang or Funkadelic? Try "Electric Frog Part 1" and "A Joyful Process." How about a couple of jazz guitar greats with a fatback beat? Grant Green's Blue Note number, "In the Middle," and George Benson's pre-hitmaker CTI groover, "Dance." Need something seedier, try "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" by Harlem Underground Band or Fuzzy Haskin's "The Fuzz and Da Boog." There's more, of course, and much of it has been sampled by hip hop producers. Not surprisingly, it's chuck full 'o' breaks.

1. Straussmania - Salinas
2. Electric Frog (Part 1) - Kool And The Gang
3. In The Middle - Grant Green
4. A Joyful Process - Funkadelic
5. Smokin Cheeba Cheeba - Harlem Underground Band
6. The Fuzz And Da Boog - Fuzzy Haskins
7. Corey Died On The Battlefield - The Wild Magnolias
8. Dirty Red - The Fabulous Counts
9. Dance - George Benson
10. The Watts Breakaway - The Johnny Otis Show
11. When She Made Me A Promise - The Beginning Of The End
12. Strung Out - Gordon Staples And The Motown Strings

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