New Horizons - Something New & Gonna Have Big Fun (2010)

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New Horizons - Something New (1983) & Gonna Have Big Fun (1984)
Funk | 01:21:02 | no scans | mp3@224cbr | 130mb | reissued in 2010

' One of the more obscure ‘80s funk acts from Dayton, OH, New Horizons nonetheless benefited from the assistance of the Troutman family (Roger, Larry, Robert, and Terry) and a deal with Columbia. This Funky Town Grooves release combines the Thomas brothers’ "Something New" (1983) and "Gonna Have Big Fun" (1984), both of which were recorded at Troutman Sound Labs and bear the unmistakable Zapp/Troutman synth-funk stamp. The earlier album features “Your Thing Is Your Thing,” a Top 40 R&B single. The latter album did not produce any hits, but it does feature a handful of appealing songs that are closer to mellow modern soul than funk à la Zapp’s “I Can Make You Dance.” 'Andy Kellman at AMG

Track Listing:
01 - Your Thing Is Your Thing {Troutman, Troutman} 6:21
02 - I Can't Tell You {Troutman, Troutman} 6:11
03 - Something New {Troutman, Troutman} 7:23
04 - County Line {Troutman, Troutman} 5:37
05 - Reaching For New Horizons {Troutman, Troutman} 6:38
06 - Your Thing {Troutman, Troutman} 6:31

07 - Big Fun {Troutman, Troutman} 4:34
08 - Searching For That Lady {Troutman} 3:10
09 - Love To Spend The Night {Troutman} 4:08
10 - Get Ready, Let's Party {Troutman, Troutman} 6:09
11 - Dance Frite {Troutman} 4:20
12 - No One Ever Will {Troutman} 5:08
13 - U Can Do (Watcha Wanna) {Troutman} 3:45
14 - I See You There {Troutman} 4:14
15 - Searching For That Lady (extended 12" version) {Troutman} 7:34

Art Thomas: Vocals, Producer
Mark Thomas: Vocals, Producer
Bart Thomas: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Producer
Varges Thomas: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Producer

Roger Troutman: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Producer
Zapp Troutman: Vocals, Bass, Producer
Larry Troutman: Percussion, Producer
Lester Troutman: Percussion, Producer

Timothy Abrams: Vocals
Jannetta Boyce: Vocals
Ray Davis: Vocals
Bobby Glover: Vocals
Greg Jackson: Vocals, Keyboards
Billy Beck: Vocals, Keyboards
Bernie Worrell: Keyboards
Dale Degroat: Keyboards
Gregory Jackson: Keyboards
Tim Abrams: Guitar
Leroy Bonner: Guitar
Sher Fleetwood: Bass
Maceo Parker: Horn
Eddie Barber: Horn
Carl Cowen: Horn
Jerome Derrickson: Horn
Michael Warren: Horn

F i l e S e r v e
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R a p i d S h a r e
Part1 . . Part2

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