1973 Funkadelic / Parliament - Unreleased Outtakes & Demos

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Funkadelic / Parliament - Unreleased Outtakes & Demos
P.Funk | ®1973 | ©2000 | 143:11 | mp3@256vbr | 243mb

"You will never get funkier music than Parliament/Funkadelic. P.Funk is the source that spawned Hip Hop and modern day funk. George Clinton used a pallette of countless musicians to form an ever-growing collective of sick musicianship, incredible composition, unbelievable melodies and horn arrangements, and lyrical concepts that took us to outer space and into parallel dimensions. Songs contained endless amounts of fictional (allegedly anyway) characters who helped tell the story of how Funk took over your body, your booty, your mind, and your soul. Samples of P Funk music are woven throughout the fabric of modern-day Hip Hop music. This collection of tunes happened as the P.Funk collective was still on the rise, at a time when they were putting out so many albums that oftentimes there was little difference between the members of Parliament and the members of Funkadelic. Album after album chruned out the most ridiculous, mind-blowing funky music of any era in history. A lossless package is provided by DIME!" Diethelm.Bernhard.Reis@dimeadozen.org

track listing:

Disc 1
01. Bigfootin (alternate)
02. Eddie and Bootsy Jam
03. Up For the Downstroke (alternate)
04. Eddie and Bootsy Jam 2 (no solos)
05. I Can Move You If You Let Me (alternate)
06. Origin of Standing On The Verge
07. Presence of a Brain (alternate)
08. Eddies Groove
09. Needy and Greedy
10. George Directing
11. Tales of Kid Funkadelic (instrumental)
12. Chinny Chin Chin

Disc 2
01. Tales Intro with George Scat
02. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg (alternate)
03. Groove to This
04. Alice In My Fantasies (alternate)
05. If It Don't Fit Don't Force It (Instrumental)
06. Red Hot Momma (alternate)
07. Jimmys Got a Little Bit Of Bitch In Him (Instrumental)
08. Together (alternate)
09. Another Place (instrumental)
10. Ride On (alternate)
11. Groove to This (alternate)
12. Bootsy Thump
13. Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeeros Jam)

Disc 3
01. Bernie Jam
02. Chicken Scratch
03. Arm Pit
04. Right to Life (Mambo)
05. Right to Life (cont)
06. Bootsy Keeps Thumpin
07. Rutherford (Tales)
08. Lets Take It To The People (instrumental)
09. Bootsy for your Booty
10. I've Been Watching You (instrumental)
11. A Blow For Me A Toot For You (instrumental)
12. Soul Mate (instrumental)
13. Rat Kissed The Cat (spooky mix)

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