Pink Floyd - The Reunion Concert:: Live 8 (DVD-Video Audio Demux - AC3 2.0 48/16) (2005)

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Pink Floyd Full Front

Pink Floyd - The Reunion Concert: Live 8 (DVD-Video Audio Demux - AC3 2.0 48/16) (2005)
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On Saturday 2 July 2005 at the Live 8 concert, the classic lineup of Pink Floyd performed together on stage for the first time in over 24 years. The reunion had been arranged by Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof, who had called Mason earlier in the year to discuss the band reuniting for Live 8. Geldof had already asked Gilmour, who had turned down the offer, and asked Mason to intercede on his behalf. Mason declined, but contacted Waters, who was immediately enthusiastic. Waters then called Geldof to discuss the event, which was at that time only a month away. About two weeks later, Waters called Gilmour —their first conversation for about two years— and the next day the latter agreed. Wright was contacted, and immediately agreed. Statements were issued to the press which stressed the unimportance of the band's problems, compared to the context of the Live 8 event. The setlist was planned at the Connaught Hotel in London, followed by three days of rehearsals at Black Island Studios. The sessions were troublesome, with minor disagreements over the style and pace of the songs they were practising. Waters wanted to use the occasion to expand the concepts he had designed, whereas Gilmour wanted to perform the songs in exactly the way the audience would expect. The final setlist and running order was decided on the eve of the concert. Gilmour and Waters shared lead vocals. On stage, at the start of "Wish You Were Here," Waters told the audience: "It's actually quite emotional, standing up here with these three guys after all these years, standing to be counted with the rest of you. Anyway, we're doing this for everyone who's not here, and particularly of course for Syd." At the end of their performance Gilmour thanked the audience, and started to walk off the stage, but Waters called him back and the band shared a group hug that became one of the more notable images from Live 8.


Included in the line-up were Pink Floyd, reunited with former bassist/lyricist Roger Waters for the first time in over 24 years. The complete foursome had not performed together since a show at Earls Court in London on 17 June 1981. With the death of keyboardist Richard Wright in 2008, Live 8 became the final time the four members of the band's classic lineup of the late 1960s and 1970s performed together.

The classic line up of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd (Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason) played together on stage for the first time in 24 years. The band performed the songs "Speak to Me", "Breathe / Breathe (Reprise)", "Money", "Wish You Were Here" and "Comfortably Numb". They were the only band not to be verbally introduced, instead the house and stage lights were darkened while the introduction to "Speak To Me" was played accompanied, on the video screens, by an animated version of the heart monitor graphic from The Dark Side of the Moon sleeve. Due to the death of Richard Wright in September 2008, this would be the only reunion of all four members of the band.

Audio Details:

DVD Rip: Official Live 8 DVD#3 & #4
Sample rate : 48000 Hz
Channels : 2
Bitrate : 224 kbps
Codec : ATSC A/52 (*)
Encoding : lossy
Final audio details: WavPack / 48 kHz / 16 bits / 2 Ch

(*) The original DVD does NOT contain the lossless track LPCM, that's why I had to use the lossy track AC3 2.0.


1. Speak To Me / Breathe 5:12
2. Money 6:41
3. Wish You Were Here 4:40
4. Comfortably Numb 7:38
5. Pink Floyd Rehearsal 7:59

Total playtime: 32:10

WavPack Log
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E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Concert\01. Speak To Me -
created 01. Speak To Me - Breathe.wv in 8.64 secs (lossless, 45.36%)
deleted source file E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Conce
rt\01. Speak To Me - Breathe.wav

E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Concert\02. Money.wav:
created 02. Money.wv in 8.02 secs (lossless, 42.60%)
deleted source file E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Conce
rt\02. Money.wav

E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Concert\03. Wish You Were
created 03. Wish You Were Here.wv in 5.19 secs (lossless, 44.52%)
deleted source file E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Conce
rt\03. Wish You Were Here.wav

E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Concert\04. Comfortably N
created 04. Comfortably Numb.wv in 8.84 secs (lossless, 39.46%)
deleted source file E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Conce
rt\04. Comfortably Numb.wav

E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Concert\05. Pink Floyd Re
created 05. Pink Floyd Rehearsal.wv in 10.84 secs (lossless, 59.74%)
deleted source file E:\FLAC\FLAC_378\Pink Floyd\2005. Live 8 - The Reunion Conce
rt\05. Pink Floyd Rehearsal.wav

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