The Lake House Original Soundtrack (2006)

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The Lake House

The Lake House Original Soundtrack |2006|
Genre: Soundtrack |Styles : Original Score/Film Music/Soft Rock/Instrumental | Label : Lakeshore S| front cover + sfv | 3% recovery | 2 formats | source: CD-DA
Release Date : 20 Jun 2006
EAC + LAME MP3 | preset: extreme > 320 |44.1 kHz | JS |Quality:extreme |avg bitrate: 223 kbps | 81 mb|
EAC + FLAC | preset at 8 | 3 x 95 mb |

The first five tracks on the soundtrack to this Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves romantic drama are wonderfully wistful songs. The first, Paul McCartney's "This Never Happened Before" from his 2005 album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, sets the tone. The low-key mood is then picked up by new romantic souls like the [/i]Clientele [/i](the languidly forlorn "(I Can't Seem to) Make You Mine") and [/i]Eels[/i] (the fiddle-accented ballad "Ant Farm"), and classic songwriters [/i]Nick Drake (with 1969's "Time Has Told Me") and Carole King (1971's "It's Too Late").[/i] The rest of the album is made up of Rachel Portman's intimately romantic score. Portman makes good use of melody lines driven sometimes by a piano ("Mailbox") and sometimes an acoustic guitar ("Tell Me More"), while also ensuring that the orchestra never threatens to overwhelm them. And when strings dominate, they never feel rote ("Sunsets"). The music isn't in-your-face sad but tinged with a sense of very adult melancholy. Whoever thought that one day we'd say that of something attached to a Keanu Reeves movie? --Elisabeth Vincentelli


1. This Never Happened Before ( Paul Mc Cartney)
2. Make You Mine (The Clientele)
3. Time Has Told Me (Nick Drake)
4. Ant Farm (Eels)
5. It's Too Late (Carole King)
6. The Lakehouse
7. Pawprints
8. Tough Week
9. Mailbox
10. Sunsets
11. Alex's Father
12. Il Mare
13. Tell Me More
14. She's Gone
15. Wait For Me
16. You Waited
17. I Waited

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Thanks for the share. Seems you use lot of ending tags for italics ([/i]), but there are no starts ;-). At least sometimes.
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Hi there.

Probably this post will come to late, but, is there any chance you can add the links for this release again?
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