MySQL, Second Edition

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MySQL, Second Edition

MySQL, Second Edition
Sams Publishing | ISBN: 0735712123 | 1248 pages | 1.9 MB | CHM

In the second edition of MySQL Paul DuBois provides an updated, comprehensive guide to one of the most popular relational database systems. MySQL is the most popular open source database server in the world, with more than 2 million installations and customers including Yahoo!, MP3.com, Motorola, and NASA. MySQL 4.0, now generally available, is a long-awaited update to the database management system that has many new features, including a new table definition file format, enhanced replication, and more functions for a full text search. Instead of giving readers merely an overview of MySQL 4.0, DuBois continues to include the most sought-after answers to the questions he hears most often from the community.

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