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Faronics Deep Freeze Mac 5.81.2200.0824 | MacOSX | 39 MB

Faronics Deep Freeze makes Macs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing the desired configuration set by you – the IT professional. Any unwelcome or unwanted changes users make while in-session are prevented from sticking. It’s really simple. By pushing the restart button, the Mac is returned to its Frozen state. While user data is stored safely in Thaw Spaces and is retained across reboots, machines run smoothly and efficiently.
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Micromat TechTool Pro 7.0.3 | MacOSX | 51 MB

Introducing Techtool Pro 7! This is the most advanced version of the acclaimed Macintosh troubleshooting utility created in its 20-year history. Micromat has redeveloped Techtool Pro 7 to be fully 64-bit compatible, which allows the program to run more efficiently on the latest Macintosh computers. We also added a fantastic new RAM test that can find problems which no other utility can; and we also improved many of the testing, repair and maintenance routines.
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4Videosoft iPad to Computer Transfer Ultimate 7.0.10 Multilanguage | 30 MB

4Videosoft iPad to Computer Transfer Ultimate ranks top among all the iPad to PC transfer software, which enables you to transfer music, movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, ringtone, e-books, photos, etc. from iPad to computer. Also, you can transfer and backup your contacts and SMS in case of losing or deleting them by an accident. In addition, it allows you to transfer music, movies, ringtones, e-books, TV shows, etc. to iTunes on your own wish.
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Getallmaps Offline Map Maker 4.103 | 3 Mb

Offline Map Maker is a tool that help you to get offline tile images from Google Maps, Yahoo maps, Bing maps. All downloaded offline images are saved on your disk. You can view downloaded offline map by Offline Map Viewer. And you can zoom out or zoom in the offline map, or output the offline map as a .BMP file with a world file xxx.bpw, and can output a xxx.map file for OziExplorer. If you want to make a offline map of your city by yourself, it is very useful for you.
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Tipard iPhone Transfer Platinum 7.0.10 Multilanguage | 37 MB

As a professional and multi-functional iPhone transfer, Tipard iPhone Transfer certainly is the best assistant for all Apple fans to enjoy their devices. Its transferring function is powerful enough to help users transfer music/movie/Pictures/TV Shows/Podcast/iTunes U/eBooks/Camera Roll/Ringtone/SMS/Contacts/Voice memos/Camera shot files from iPhone to PC or iTunes. Plus, iPhone users can also import video, movie, image, ringtone and eBook files to your iPhone without any loss.
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Infonautic Decision Making Helper 1.15 | 4 MB

Decision Making Helper for Microsoft Windows™ supports you in a very easy way in the decision-making process. When using the software you will make rational, comprehensive, understandable and clear decisions. You can make decisions and either opt for a single option whether you should take it or not or you can choose between several options in order to find the best.
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WinX Mobile Video Converter 4.0.1 Multilanguage | 20 MB

It is a brand-new fast video converter to convert MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVCHD, M2TS videos to any pop Android mobiles, tablets and players, which enables you to play different videos on The New HTC One, Android Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, etc. It has as many as 200 built-in profiles, covering all prevailed Android devices with different resolutions and screen sizes.
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Killetsoft SEVENPAR 4.16 Multilanguage | 2 MB

SEVENPAR is a tool for the calculation of highly exact transformation parameters for the Spatial Helmert and Molodensky Transformation, which make possible precise coordinate transformations from one reference system into another. The determined transformation parameters can be entered directly into suitable transformation software, e.g. TRANSDAT Coordinate Transformations, or into the calculation software of GPS receivers to do exact coordinate transformations.
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Killetsoft TRANSDAT 17.37 Multilanguage | 4 MB

TRANSDAT Geosoftware executes coordinate transformations and geodetic datum shifts between many coordinate and reference systems of America, Australasia, Europe, Germany special and world-wide, at high precision and high speed.
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SoftOnPc Universal Maps Downloader 7.301 | 3 MB

Universal Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile images from google maps, yahoo maps or microsoft maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Maps Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map by Maps Combiner.
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WebSupergoo ImageGlue DotNET (x86/x64) | 37/47 MB

ImageGlue is a popular toolkit for dynamic image generation. With ImageGlue you can manipulate images in high quality and with incredible performance using simple C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET code. Use ImageGlue as an Active Server Page Extension to create and modify images on the fly from Windows based web servers. Use ImageGlue as a .NET component in your desktop applications. If you're looking for the best image component for the Microsoft's .NET Framework, use ImageGlue .NET!
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Spotmau Password Kit (ISO) | 172 MB

Instantly find or reset your Windows Administrator or user account passwords. - Get access to your computer now. No need to reinstall the system. Super user-friendly graphic interface, even kids can do it. One click to recover your email password, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, IE AutoComplete password and Even more - No need to struggle to remember so many passwords any more.
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Mystic Kingz We Made It The Bundle | WAV MiDi | 525 MB

Mystic Kingz proudly presents 'We Made It: The Bundle'. This bundle includes 15 amazing Construction Kits influenced by super producer "Mike Will Made It". If you're a Dirty South or Hip Hop producer, then this is a must-have for your arsenal.
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DivX Plus 10.2 Build | 56 MB

DivX Plus® Software lets you convert video between popular formats and enjoy an enhanced playback experience across all your devices, at home and on the go.
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FarStone DriveClone Server 10.02 Build 20140224 | 20.0 MB

DriveClone copies all contents from one original hard drive to a new hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) in a few simple clicks. You can use the new drive to boot your system and use your applications as if you were using your original hard drive. DriveClone is a perfect solution for transfer, movement, backup & recovery files and data from hard drives and solid state drives.