CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 v13.0

Posted By : torai | Date : 21 Jan 2006 21:42:18 | Comments : 37 |

Transform ideas into professional results with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3!

With this comprehensive graphics suite, you can confidently tackle a wide variety of projects - from logo creation and Web graphics, to multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs.

From new bitmap-to-vector tracing in Corel PowerTRACE, new photo-editing features in PHOTO-PAINT, new suite-wide learning tools, and enhancements in illustration and page layout, this suite combines design capabilities, ease-of-use, and affordability that cannot be matched by any other graphics software.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 содержит более сорока новых и улучшенных опций. Среди нововведений можно отметить следующие:
- Corel PowerTRACE – интегрированное в CorelDRAW X3 приложение для быстрого преобразования растровых изображений в векторные. PowerTRACE создает палитру цветов, при помощи которой пользователи могут выбрать, какие цвета будут на изображении после конвертирования, и быстро преобразовать картинку в нужный цветовой режим;
- Image Adjustment Lab – приложение, доступное в Corel PHOTO-PAINT и CorelDRAW. Оно предназначено для работы с изображениями с нарушенной цветовой гаммой и низкой контрастностью. Image Adjustment Lab содержит инструменты для автоматической и ручной настройки изображений, позволяет создавать копии настроек, сравнивать их и подбирать наилучшие результаты;
- Опция Hints, удобная для новичков, предоставляет подробную информацию о выбранном инструменте, а также дает советы по работе с программой.

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Posted By: abken Date: 21 Jan 2006 22:02:45
Downloading it now...
fingers crossed...
I've worked with draw 8-12 for years and I'd love to give this a shot...

Great Post
Posted By: stina Date: 21 Jan 2006 22:57:38
Thank you so much.
Posted By: nicknamerad Date: 21 Jan 2006 23:02:03
is this a trial ?
and is it in english ?
Posted By: Cesar1 Date: 21 Jan 2006 23:17:30
The file was soot down.
Can you please send it again?
and put a short name to it?
It was a good work
Thanks you
Posted By: Pipkin Date: 21 Jan 2006 23:33:44
Спасибо. Тханк йоу веру мусх.
Posted By: Bastimarli Date: 22 Jan 2006 00:26:53
Thank you so much
Posted By: Cenio Date: 22 Jan 2006 00:42:14
Torai, your are amazing! Do you know it?
A lot of THANKS! :)
Posted By: fermin Date: 22 Jan 2006 01:01:50
Muchas gracias, gran aporte
Posted By: comgar Date: 22 Jan 2006 02:00:47
Is it possible to get in megaupload.com
rapidshare has got impossible
Posted By: Kondor_pl Date: 22 Jan 2006 02:23:53
Сразу виноват ! что не насчёт - sorry
знает может быть кто-то как стянуть тех программы с той стороны интернетовой? - www.9iv.com

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 - http://www.9iv.com/down/soft/2425.htm
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Adobe Production Studio - http://www.9iv.com/down/soft/2421.htm

Может быть кто-то имеет во владении адреса к тем программам....сердечное спасибо за оказанный содействие

виноват ! за ошибки - переводил translator :)
Posted By: scelica Date: 22 Jan 2006 02:35:03

Posted By: Pipkin Date: 22 Jan 2006 02:48:19
scelica, not always keygens work with trials...
Who knows?
Posted By: scelica Date: 22 Jan 2006 03:04:40
..... not always keygens work with trials...

I test. Keygens work with trials !!!
Posted By: Pipkin Date: 22 Jan 2006 03:08:49
scelica, you're sorcerer :)
Posted By: scelica Date: 22 Jan 2006 03:50:20
keygens hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=63PCIHA9
Posted By: spotlight Date: 22 Jan 2006 04:59:18
The keygen cannot be used with the trial version. A special serial is needed for the trial version. The keygen seems very promising :)

I don't want to get the rapidshare one only to find out it's a trial version - It will take at least 6 hours. More info is needed about it
Posted By: scelica Date: 22 Jan 2006 05:41:01
I test. Keygens work with trials !!!

Copy and paste will not work. Type by hands !!!!!

Read Install Notes.txt !!!!
Posted By: spotlight Date: 22 Jan 2006 06:07:57
Thanks scelica :)
Posted By: wizn Date: 22 Jan 2006 06:10:14
Excellent post again...Thanks torai
Posted By: spotlight Date: 22 Jan 2006 06:32:39
About the keygen

Copy the serial number and paste it in the program, then delete the last number of the serial number and type that last number again. You'll be able to continue instead of typing the whole thing :)

Take care.

Thanks again.

Better to get the program direct from corel 'cause it's faster, then use the keygen :)

Works like a charm

Posted By: =Froggy= Date: 22 Jan 2006 06:33:16
>> Copy and paste will not work. Type by hands !!!!!
Actually, copy-paste DID work for me... :) But, nevertheless, the point is -- read the install notes, and follow carefully. When inserting Installation ID, put ALL chars in, including the "ID" field on the right (without dashes or spaces), then generate the activation code. It works perfectly fine with the trial version! :)))
Posted By: 1337w4r3z Date: 22 Jan 2006 07:18:47
Spanish and brazilian version:
keygens hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=63PCIHA9
Posted By: Pipkin Date: 22 Jan 2006 07:24:55
including the "ID"
Hmmmm.... I didn't include that. And, seems, everything is working. Corel 13 keeps silence.
Posted By: elenore Date: 22 Jan 2006 09:23:40
I am tired of reading people saying 'copy and paste does not work' This is WRONG. Copy and Paste ALWAYS work.. You just too stupid to work out how.

The 'Crack Instructions' for this program are very very poorly written so I have re-written them.

Disable any internet connections you might have before commencing installation and don't enable it
again until AFTER you activate the program.

Run the keygen and click 'generate' a few times. Copy the serial number but DON'T CLOSE the keygen... you will need it again soon.

Run the install and when you get to the serial number page paste the serial number from keygen in to the "Already have a Trial Serial Number" box BUT BEFORE you will be able to continue you will have to REMOVE the first dash (-). Then click 'Continue'.

When installation is complete start CorelDraw X3 and click the "Already Purchased" button and in the
box where is says "enter your key" copy and paste your serial number from the keygen BUT REMEMBER, so that it matches the number you installed with, you will have to delete the first dash (-). THEN click the "Phone Corel" button.

Now TYPE IN to the "Installation Code" box of the keygen, the code you see in Corel Draw, WITHOUT the dashes (-) and click the 'Activate' button.

Copy the activation code in the keygen.. Click in the 'Activation Code' box of Corel Draw X3
(you might have to click 2 times to get a cursor) and PASTE in the number.. Wait... this is where everyone say copy ans paste not work.... only because, the Continue button did not become active... just remember the last number in this box, backspace over it, retype the number and and then click Continue.

if you do not see copy and paste options you can always use keyboard shortcuts (CTRL C) and CTRL V) because they are part of Windows O/S.

Posted By: senap Date: 22 Jan 2006 09:52:34
cool it "elenore"

And calling people stupid is in my opinion RUDE !

Copy paste does not ALWAYS work.. PERIOD!
Posted By: addku2003 Date: 22 Jan 2006 10:03:32
Thank You elenore for re-writing up the instructions :) . DLing it right now.

Copy-Paste does work. Why wouldn't it?
Posted By: robson44 Date: 22 Jan 2006 10:13:31
Posted By: addku2003 Date: 22 Jan 2006 10:33:59
Heh. Worked like a charm for me. Copied and Pasted, and didn't even follow the instructions. :)
Posted By: asteras Date: 22 Jan 2006 11:06:46


Pwd :vit
Info in .txt
Posted By: Pressa Date: 22 Jan 2006 13:52:47
French - Italian - Dutch:

The Keygen work like a charm, here :)
Posted By: ukino Date: 22 Jan 2006 14:57:55
Localised version



Spanish and Portuguese version:

French Italian Dutch version:


SSG Keygen
Posted By: Trixter Date: 22 Jan 2006 15:15:17
Thanks you very much for this post. A great job!!!
Posted By: Pipkin Date: 22 Jan 2006 16:16:23
Славян обжали... :(
Posted By: ustamina Date: 23 Jan 2006 20:40:48
Gracias por el post, fue de mucha ayuda la discusión sobre el uso de los keygen; alguien tendrá el URL para el Wordperfect Office X3 en español.

Thanks for post, were of much aid the discussion on the use of keygen; somebody will have the URL for the Wordperfect Office X3 in Spanish.
Posted By: madhouse Date: 24 Jan 2006 04:22:32
Follow the instructions above and it works! Great proggy!!
Posted By: M0N74N4 Date: 25 Feb 2006 02:56:06
Posted By: maloytm Date: 28 May 2006 08:23:08
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3
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