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Best Service Artist Complete VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD | 6.63 GB

ARTIST COMPLETE includes three Plug-Ins in one package: Artist Drums, Artist Grooves and Artist Rhythm. Plus Artist Drums 5.1 Surround Edition and Real Giga Drums Multi-channel Drumkits.

Seven of the world´s best drummers and nine drum sets including a huge arsenal of live played drum grooves by the artists. Recorded and mixed at Galaxy Studios, Belgium, one of the world´s most up to date and technically advanced studios.
Artist Complete includes: Artist Drums, Artist Grooves and Artist Rhythm plus Artist Drums 5.1 Surround edition & additional GM Kits and Real Giga Drums multichannel Drumkits.

With up to 24 velocity layers and excessive sample layering, you have control over the detailed playback and programming of each single instrument. The kit "sizes" are related to the artists´ individual drum kits, and range from 200 to 350 Mb (surround sets more). 24 bit production.


Kompakt Player
Stereo & 5.1 Surround Drum Kits & GM Kits:
Dennis Chambers - Kenny Aronoff - Mel Gaynor - Simon Phillips.

Intakt Player
Drum Loops 80 - 160 BPM:
Simon Phillips - Mel Gaynor - Kenny Aronoff - Dennis Chambers.
Drum Loops 80 - 140 BPM: Marco Minnemann - Dirk Sengotta.
Percussion Loops 80 - 140 BPM: Martin Verdonk.
Plus Single Instrument Loops (Ride Loop 90 BPM, Hi Hat Loop 120 BPM.)

This library includes Native Instruments Kompakt & Intakt Player* for Mac & PC
*Not INTEL Mac compatible! To run the libraries on INTEL Macs, the free Kontakt Player 3 (Version 3.5) update is required.

Drummers & Percussionists:

Simon Phillips: Toto, Jeff Beck, The Who, Pete Townshend. Tama Drumset Star Classic, Zildjian K-Series Cymbals.
Mel Gaynor: Simple Minds, Tina Turner, Robert Palmer, Gary Moore. Yamaha Special Edition Drumset, Paiste Cymbals.
Dennis Chambers: Santana, Steely Dan, John Mc Laughlin. Custom made Pearl Drumset, Zildjian Custom Series Cymbals.
Kenny Aronoff: Joe Cocker, Ricky Martin, Mick Jagger. Custom made Tama Drumset, Zildjian Cymbals.
Marco Minnemann: Drummaster Mag/Web: "Marco Minnemann has exploded onto the drumming scene with his amazing technique and cutting edge extreme interdependence skills". DW Drumset, Zildjian Cymbals.
Dirk Sengotta: Ace of Base, Sascha. Yamaha Drumset, Anatolien Cymbals.
Martin Verdonk: „Martin Verdonk proofs to be one of the leading multi-percussionists of today“ - Drums & Percussion- Germany.

Real Giga Drums, Over Head, Direct, Room:
Funk Kit - Heavy Kit - Jazz Kit - Rock Kit - Soul Kit (all GM).

System requirements:
Windows XP, Pentium III / Athlon 500 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 11 GB free HD space
MAC OS 10.2.6, G3 500 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 11 GB free HD space

Windows XP, Pentium IV 1,8 GHz / Athlon XP 1800+, 1 GB RAM
Mac OS 10.3.8 Mac G5, 2 GB Ram

You can use this library with the free Kontakt Player 3.5 (or higher) which is compatible to all actual operating systems and interfaces on Mac & PC.

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the file bs-bsadckg.rar is in that list. it's keygen. download it and use it.
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