The Real Buddy Holly Story (1985)

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The Real Buddy Holly Story (1985)
DVD5 NTSC (VIDEO_TS) | English | 720 x 480 | MPEG2 @ 6500 Kbps | AC3 2.0 @ 384 Kbps | 86 mins | 4,25 Gb
Genre: Documentary, Music

Produced by Paul McCartney & Anthony Wall
Hosted by Paul McCartney
Featuring: Jerry Allison, Sonny Curtis, Don Everly, Phil Everly, Buddy Holly, Keith Richards

The complete video biography of rock'n'roll legend Buddy Holly, produced and hosted by Paul McCartney. This entertaining and enlightening show is the most definitive biography of Buddy Holly ever assembled, featuring interviews with members of The Crickets and many of Buddy Holly's family and friends who knew him best. Includes rare performances and Paul McCartney performs several of Buddy Holly's songs.


Also known As: "Arena" Buddy Holly

This mans music was pure genius.I dont care how old it is this man was the most tragic thing to happen to rock and roll when he died. I wasnt even born when he got on that plane, but you cant go through life and not hear his music.
The one thing that you enjoy seeing about musicians is their film clips.But with Buddy Holly there is not many available.
But here is some rare clips,and interviews with family members and friends. Well put together.I like to see the places where he lived and visited in his short career. Its all here.
While i am a Beatle fan i would have rathered they talked about Buddy Holly more than filling space with Paul McCartneys versions of the songs.Now im not saying i didnt enjoy them,i just felt there should be more Buddy Holly information instead.
But upon saying that this is a real informative video and almost everything you want to know about him is here.
Buddy is the true master of Rock and Roll.Often it makes me wonder what he would have done had he lived. But as it says in the DVD,The Beatles were inspired by him, would they have had the same success had Buddy Holly lived?And The Rolling Stones first hit was a Beatles song, seems to me he started a chain reaction.
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A labor of love by former Beatle Paul McCartney who, after seeing "The Buddy Holly Story" with Gary Busey, determined to find out about the real Buddy Holly. Paul took his film crew and sought out the people Buddy Holly knew and the places he frequented, including the venues around Lubbock, TX where Buddy made his first musical excursions, continuing on to Clovis, NM where most of Buddy's records were made at Petty Studios, and the New York and Los Angeles sites where the rest of his records were cut. Along the way, Buddy's friends and family give their candid comments about the life and times of Buddy Holly. Interviewees include Buddy's brothers, Mrs. Norman Petty, widow of his first manager, Buddy's band the Crickets, record executives, and several rock stars like Keith Richards and Don and Phil Everly. The result is a very good documentary that sheds more light on Buddy Holly than most other rock 'n' roll legends. Very worthwhile viewing!
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... it really does. I had a chance to see this video when it was shown on my local educational public television station quite a few years back. For those who are true Buddy Holly fans, this is an absolute must to add to your collection of Holly memoralibia. The interviews are top-rate and are probably the most accurate I have seen as they are from the people most closely connected to Buddy Holly and give a closer look and insight into both his musical as well as his personal life. This is one video you will definitely want to keep and watch over and over again (I still do every February).
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