Kundskabens træ (1981)

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Tree of Knowledge (1981)
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Kundskabens træ is one of the greatest teenage-film ever made. The danish director Nils Malmros shown his fantastic quality to directed kids. We follow a school-class from they were 13 to 16. We seen the good girl Elin been set out of the gang, because she don`t want to date Helge. The looser girl Mona called "Klister" take over the Elins place, but some will go on. In the class there also is a funny guy (Villy Bonde, what a name) and Niels Ole (Malmros alter-ego) who is in love with a younger girl. His loved is fantastic filmed and the girl he is in love to, say almost nothing. On that way Malmros make her to a dream. So turn-off the american teenage-fílm and look for Kundskabens træ you never forget it.


This film is the most shrewd and insightful film about puberty I have ever seen - and one of the best films I have ever seen period. It follows a group of Aarhus schoolchildren from the age of 13-15 in 1958-60. The film notices all the small details, the internal power struggles and the growing sexuality of young teens. Much like Heavenly Creatures the film shows the "wonders" of growing up as both beautiful and frightful at the same time. Anyone regardless of nationality can recognise the conflicts and small dramas depicted here. After seeing it I felt as if Malmros had had a crystal ball and looked into the youth of everyone on the planet. Despite the fact that it is filmed in a hyper realistic, almost documentary, style, Malmros manages to fill add dramatic effects through music and background effects to effectively heighten the drama. The last ten minutes of the film builds up tension to the (completely unpredictable, but inevitable) climax and the striking power of the movie's ending sticks with you for hours after the film is over. I truly hope some distributor picks this up for a DVD release internationally - it is too big a masterpiece to be hidden away in Denmark.
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nice movie but is jumping in some parts. I downloaded 2 times, Please re-up.***