Decoy (1946)

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Decoy (1946) Directed by Jack Bernhard
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Genre: Crime / Drama / Film Noir

The passion and energy invested in Decoy seeps through every frame. It takes every noir convention and plays it to the hilt - a cold-blooded femme fatale, the doomed protagonist, the beautiful but spurned secretary, the hard-boiled detective, the prosaic voice over, and, of course, the MacGuffin (object of desire). With lots of seedy locales, fast cars, double crosses, kidnapping, murder, and some of the juiciest dialogs every presented on the screen.
Decoy features a mesmerizing performance from Jean Gillie. Her introduction calls for melodrama, but once the camera zooms in close she is cold and calculating as desire and purpose reassert themselves over shock and panic. The flatfooted sergeant flashes his gun as identification more than his badge, and slaps lowlifes around in public just to keep everyone in line. Robert Armstrong is effective as the stubborn and sardonic con on his last mile, and even the comic relief is infrequent, brief, and funny.

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Posted By: pagema Date: 21 Mar 2009 14:08:42
Thanks again and again, stillafool for all these "miraviglie"...
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I like them as well! thanks for posting
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You are very welcome. Enjoy!
Posted By: vezy Date: 22 Mar 2009 14:55:23
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Very much appreciate the uploads of some of the best noir.
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