The Black Cat (1934)

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The Black Cat (1934) Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
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Subtitles: Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian & Spanish
Genre: Horror / Thriller

The Black Cat (1934) is a classic, enigmatically disturbing horror film from Universal Studios in the 1930s. It became Universal's top-grossing film of the year. The visually intriguing, austere, landmark horror film - a tale of European post-war anguish and death, was expressionistically directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Its theme of the horrors of war would be echoed in his later films. He was obviously influenced by his previous work with German director F.W. Murnau (and his film Nosferatu (1922)), and by Fritz Lang's film Metropolis (1927). Art-deco sets by art director Charles D. Hall, and stark B/W photography by John Mescall evoke the proper atmosphere.
Some reviewers have considered it the first American psychological horror film, with dark sexual repression, twisted relationships, and aberrant behavior (Satanism (devil worship), black mass orgies, necrophilia, pedophilia, sadistic revenge, murder and incest). Its fantastic architectural settings, expressionistic lighting, interesting geometric patterns and designs, and bizarre sets all add a richness to the strange tale.

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